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Page Resources
Page Resources -- images, other pages, documents etc. -- have page-relative URLs and their own metadata.
content management
Page Resources
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ResourceType : The main type of the resource. For example, a file of MIME type image/jpeg has the ResourceType image.

Name : Default value is the filename (relative to the owning page). Can be set in front matter.

Title : Default value is the same as .Name. Can be set in front matter.

Permalink : The absolute URL to the resource. Resources of type page will have no value.

RelPermalink : The relative URL to the resource. Resources of type page will have no value.

Content : The content of the resource itself. For most resources, this returns a string with the contents of the file. This can be used to inline some resources, such as <script>{{ (.Resources.GetMatch "myscript.js").Content | safeJS }}</script> or <img src="{{ (.Resources.GetMatch "mylogo.png").Content | base64Encode }}">.

MediaType : The MIME type of the resource, such as image/jpeg.

MediaType.MainType : The main type of the resource's MIME type. For example, a file of MIME type application/pdf has for MainType application.

MediaType.SubType : The subtype of the resource's MIME type. For example, a file of MIME type application/pdf has for SubType pdf. Note that this is not the same as the file extension - PowerPoint files have a subtype of vnd.mspowerpoint.

MediaType.Suffixes : A slice of possible suffixes for the resource's MIME type.


ByType : Returns the page resources of the given type.

{{ .Resources.ByType "image" }}

Match : Returns all the page resources (as a slice) whose Name matches the given Glob pattern (examples). The matching is case-insensitive.

{{ .Resources.Match "images/*" }}

GetMatch : Same as Match but will return the first match.

Pattern Matching

// Using Match/GetMatch to find this images/sunset.jpg ?
.Resources.Match "images/sun*" ✅
.Resources.Match "**/sunset.jpg" ✅
.Resources.Match "images/*.jpg" ✅
.Resources.Match "**.jpg" ✅
.Resources.Match "*" 🚫
.Resources.Match "sunset.jpg" 🚫
.Resources.Match "*sunset.jpg" 🚫

Page Resources Metadata

The page resources' metadata is managed from the corresponding page's front matter with an array/table parameter named resources. You can batch assign values using wildcards.

{{% note %}} Resources of type page get Title etc. from their own front matter. {{% /note %}}

name : Sets the value returned in Name.

{{% warning %}} The methods Match and GetMatch use Name to match the resources. {{%/ warning %}}

title : Sets the value returned in Title

params : A map of custom key/values.

Resources metadata example

{{< code-toggle copy="false">}} title: Application date : 2018-01-25 resources :

  • src : "images/sunset.jpg" name : "header"
  • src : "documents/photo_specs.pdf" title : "Photo Specifications" params: icon : "photo"
  • src : "documents/guide.pdf" title : "Instruction Guide"
  • src : "documents/checklist.pdf" title : "Document Checklist"
  • src : "documents/payment.docx" title : "Proof of Payment"
  • src : "**.pdf" name : "pdf-file-:counter" params : icon : "pdf"
  • src : "**.docx" params : icon : "word" {{</ code-toggle >}}

From the example above:

  • sunset.jpg will receive a new Name and can now be found with .GetMatch "header".
  • documents/photo_specs.pdf will get the photo icon.
  • documents/checklist.pdf, documents/guide.pdf and documents/payment.docx will get Title as set by title.
  • Every PDF in the bundle except documents/photo_specs.pdf will get the pdf icon.
  • All PDF files will get a new Name. The name parameter contains a special placeholder :counter, so the Name will be pdf-file-1, pdf-file-2, pdf-file-3.
  • Every docx in the bundle will receive the word icon.

{{% warning %}} The order matters --- Only the first set values of the title, name and params-keys will be used. Consecutive parameters will be set only for the ones not already set. In the above example, .Params.icon is first set to "photo" in src = "documents/photo_specs.pdf". So that would not get overridden to "pdf" by the later set src = "**.pdf" rule. {{%/ warning %}}

The :counter placeholder in name and title

The :counter is a special placeholder recognized in name and title parameters resources.

The counter starts at 1 the first time they are used in either name or title.

For example, if a bundle has the resources photo_specs.pdf, other_specs.pdf, guide.pdf and checklist.pdf, and the front matter has specified the resources as:

{{< code-toggle copy="false">}} [[resources]] src = "*specs.pdf" title = "Specification #:counter" [[resources]] src = "**.pdf" name = "pdf-file-:counter" {{</ code-toggle >}}

the Name and Title will be assigned to the resource files as follows:

Resource file Name Title
checklist.pdf "pdf-file-1.pdf "checklist.pdf"
guide.pdf "pdf-file-2.pdf "guide.pdf"
other_specs.pdf "pdf-file-3.pdf "Specification #1"
photo_specs.pdf "pdf-file-4.pdf "Specification #2"
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