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Configure Markup
How to handle Markdown and other markup related configuration.
getting started

Configure Markup

{{< new-in "0.60.0" >}}

See Goldmark for settings related to the default Markdown handler in Hugo.

Below are all markup related configuration in Hugo with their default settings:

{{< code-toggle config="markup" />}}

See each section below for details.


Goldmark is from Hugo 0.60 the default library used for Markdown. It's fast, it's CommonMark compliant and it's very flexible. Note that the feature set of Goldmark vs Blackfriday isn't the same; you gain a lot but also lose some, but we will work to bridge any gap in the upcoming Hugo versions.

This is the default configuration:

{{< code-toggle config="markup.goldmark" />}}

Some settings explained:

unsafe : By default, Goldmark does not render raw HTMLs and potentially dangerous links. If you have lots of inline HTML and/or JavaScript, you may need to turn this on.

typographer : This extension substitutes punctuations with typographic entities like smartypants.


Blackfriday was Hugo's default Markdown rendering engine, now replaced with Goldmark. But you can still use it: Just set defaultMarkdownHandler to blackfriday in your top level markup config.

This is the default config:

{{< code-toggle config="markup.blackFriday" />}}


This is the default highlight configuration. Note that some of these settings can be set per code block, see Syntax Highlighting.

{{< code-toggle config="markup.highlight" />}}

For style, see these galleries:

For CSS, see Generate Syntax Highlighter CSS.

Table Of Contents

{{< code-toggle config="markup.tableOfContents" />}}

These settings only works for the Goldmark renderer:

startLevel : The heading level, values starting at 1 (h1), to start render the table of contents.

endLevel : The heading level, inclusive, to stop render the table of contents.

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