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Cocoon & Cosy
Showcase: "Emergency setup a dedicated site in an afternoon."
[Didier Divinerites](

Swiss Arolla campsite runs the highest campsite in Europe and I'm completely re-doing their actuel Website with Hugo.

But they just launch a brand new offer (luxury tents with bed and fire oven), and we couldn't wait for the proper new website for having this promoted: we needed the website up and running within 24h!

So we decided to quickly launch a dedicated independent web site using all the powerful tools included with and some things we already knew & used:

  • Choose a spectacular landing theme in the rich Hugo Themes collection : Airspace Theme by Themefisher.
  • Replace the main images.
  • Add a hugo-easy-gallery / photoswipe on the main page with attractive images.
  • Add the promo video with a simple vimeo shortcode.
  • Replace the Google Maps widget by the OpenStreetMap equivalent
  • Use a Zotabox contact form.
  • Write the content in French & in English directly on the content pages, describe their services, add fun facts and true testimonies.
  • Setup a GDPR compliant site with the new Hugo options.
  • Use Netlify for publishing it in a breeze.

The first version was up in 4 hours, and the polished 2 languages version was published on Netlify the next day.

This would have been impossible to do it in such a short time without all the powerful Hugo tools and Netlify simplicity.

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