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Flesland Flis AS
showcase: Business Page for a tile shop in Bergen, Norway
[Sindre Gusdal](, Absoluttweb AS

For Flesland Flis I use a combination of Hugo, and Netlify. Static Site Generators and Hugo has been on my radar for a long time, and with all the nice features released in Hugo the last years, it's now my preferred solution for new clients. Also a huge thanks to the guys at, for making such a smooth CMS for Hugo.

The #1 reason why I love Hugo is the logic between content and layout, and of course the speed. Compared to solutions like Jekyll, Hugo is just better at all the stuff I value the most - speed, flexibility, theming and more.

Thanks, Hugo!

Today I use Hugo in a combination with GULP and Foundation 6 + my own Hugo starter theme. This works great for me, and gives me all the flexibility I need. Then I can include FancyBox, Responsive Text and other Node Modules when needed.

In the past I had to do a lot of changes to layout, content and css, if the client f.ex needed an extra PDF or an image-gallery to a certain page. Just small details not fitting in the template, would be a hassle. So updating existing webpages was boring and time consuming.

Today I just copy-paste a new layout file, adds some frontmatter, Pushes to GIT and that special page is done.

Gotta love it:)

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