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Hapticmedia Blog
Showcase: "A simple, but powerful, multilingual blog."
[Cyril Bonnet](, Web Developer

Our goal was to create a simple, effective and multilingual blog on 3D technology that could be managed by a non-technical profile.

Why Hugo?

Hugo addresses all these needs, coupled with for its administration via a "turnkey" interface. We have attached particular importance to SEO, and therefore to the creation of an advanced taxonomy system. Thus, each author and tag has a dedicated page, listing the related posts.

What we liked

  • The multilingual content support, especially simpel to setup.
  • The multiple environments support (develop, staging, test, production, ...).
  • Although a hard start with the Go language, the power of the Hugo's templating.
  • The partial layouts, including the internals (e.g. social metas).
  • The build time, unbeatable ⚡️⚡️⚡️.

Tools & workflow

  • We used the same design as our website, recreated as a Hugo HTML template.
  • Hugo for the static website generator.
  • CircleCI for continuous integration & deployment.
  • AWS for web hosting.
  • for the content management.

All of these tools allow our editor to manage the blog's content without having to worry about its technical aspect, which is managed by the developers.

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