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Pharmaseal website developed using Hugo, Forestry, hosted and deployed by Netlify.
[Roboto Studio](, Jonathan Alford

We wanted to shake the status quo with PHARMASEAL, opting for a fast and scalable website built with Hugo instead of slower monolithic systems the competitors were using.

We had two goals:

Make it fast

We wanted to optimise the site as much as possible, so we opted for using Cloudinary, enabling us to take advantage of on-the-fly image manipulation, and thanks to the sheer speed of static sites, we achieved a perfect optimisation score with Google audits.

Because we're hosting the site through Netlify and our target audience is in America, we are taking advantage of Netlify edge (Their alternative to a CDN). We're talking blazing fast.

Make it easy

We're big fans of simplicity, and that's what we delivered with the Forestry building blocks. Every element on the site is built with building blocks in mind, allowing PHARMASEAL to generate multiple pages in the blink of an eye.

PHARMASEAL have found Forestry CMS combined with HUGO to be so effective at producing fast, purpose driven pages, that we have worked with them to add even more blocks in a scalable, modular fashion.

TLDR: We're blown away with HUGO, the sheer speed, scalability and deployment possibilities with Netlify is the 💣

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