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Base Templates and Blocks
The base and block constructs allow you to define the outer shell of your master templates (i.e., the chrome of the page).
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The block keyword allows you to define the outer shell of your pages' one or more master template(s) and then fill in or override portions as necessary.

{{< youtube QVOMCYitLEc >}}

Base Template Lookup Order

{{< new-in "0.63.0" >}} Since Hugo v0.63, the base template lookup order closely follows that of the template is applies to (e.g. _default/list.html).

See Template Lookup Order for details and examples.

Define the Base Template

The following defines a simple base template at _default/baseof.html. As a default template, it is the shell from which all your pages will be rendered unless you specify another *baseof.html closer to the beginning of the lookup order.

{{< code file="layouts/_default/baseof.html" download="baseof.html" >}}

<title>{{ block "title" . }} {{ .Site.Title }} {{ end }}</title> {{ block "main" . }} {{ end }} {{ block "footer" . }} {{ end }} {{< /code >}}

Override the Base Template

From the above base template, you can define a default list template. The default list template will inherit all of the code defined above and can then implement its own "main" block from:

{{< code file="layouts/_default/list.html" download="list.html" >}} {{ define "main" }}


{{ range .Pages }}

{{ .Title }}

{{ .Content }} {{ end }} {{ end }} {{< /code >}}

This replaces the contents of our (basically empty) "main" block with something useful for the list template. In this case, we didn't define a "title" block, so the contents from our base template remain unchanged in lists.

{{% warning %}} Code that you put outside the block definitions can break your layout. This even includes HTML comments. For example:

<!-- Seemingly harmless HTML comment..that will break your layout at build -->
{{ define "main" }}
...your code here
{{ end }}

See this thread from the Hugo discussion forums. {{% /warning %}}

The following shows how you can override both the "main" and "title" block areas from the base template with code unique to your default single page template:

{{< code file="layouts/_default/single.html" download="single.html" >}} {{ define "title" }}

{{ .Title }} – {{ .Site.Title }} {{ end }} {{ define "main" }}

{{ .Title }}

{{ .Content }} {{ end }} {{< /code >}}
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