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Homepage Template
Homepage Template
The homepage of a website is often formatted differently than the other pages. For this reason, Hugo makes it easy for you to define your new site's homepage as a unique template.
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Homepage is a Page and therefore has all the page variables and site variables available for use.

{{% note "The Only Required Template" %}} The homepage template is the only required template for building a site and therefore useful when bootstrapping a new site and template. It is also the only required template if you are developing a single-page website. {{% /note %}}

{{< youtube ut1xtRZ1QOA >}}

Homepage Template Lookup Order

See Template Lookup.

Add Content and Front Matter to the Homepage

The homepage, similar to other list pages in Hugo, accepts content and front matter from an file. This file should live at the root of your content folder (i.e., content/ You can then add body copy and metadata to your homepage the way you would any other content file.

See the homepage template below or Content Organization for more information on the role of in adding content and front matter to list pages.

Example Homepage Template

The following is an example of a homepage template that uses partial, base templates, and a content file at content/ to populate the {{.Title}} and {{.Content}} page variables.

{{< code file="layouts/index.html" download="index.html" >}} {{ define "main" }}


{{ with .Params.subtitle }} {{.}} {{ end }}
{{ range first 10 .Pages }} {{ .Render "summary"}} {{ end }}
{{ end }} {{< /code >}}

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