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Update shortcode docs vs 0.55

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### Shortcodes with Markdown

The `%` character indicates that the shortcode's inner content---called in the [shortcode template][sctemps] with the [`.Inner` variable][scvars]---needs further processing by the page's rendering processor (i.e. markdown via Blackfriday). In the following example, Blackfriday would convert `**World**` to `<strong>World</strong>`:
In Hugo `0.55` we changed how the `%` delimiter works. Shortcodes using the `%` as the outer-most delimiter will now be fully rendered when sent to the content renderer (e.g. Blackfriday for Markdown), meaning they can be part of the generated table of contents, footnotes, etc.

If you want the old behavior, you can put the following line in the start of your shortcode template:

{{%/* myshortcode */%}}Hello **World!**{{%/* /myshortcode */%}}
{{ $_hugo_config := `{ "version": 1 }` }}

### Shortcodes Without Markdown

The `<` character indicates that the shortcode's inner content does *not* need further rendering. Often shortcodes without markdown include internal HTML:

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