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Add warning about MMark and TOCs

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@@ -45,6 +45,10 @@ Hugo will take this Markdown and create a table of contents from `## Introductio
The built-in `.TableOfContents` variables outputs a `<nav id="TableOfContents">` element with a child `<ul>`, whose child `<li>` elements begin with any `<h1>`'s (i.e., `#` in markdown) inside your content.'
{{% note "Table of contents not available for MMark" %}}
Hugo documents created in the [MMark](/content-management/formats/#mmark) Markdown dialect do not currently display TOCs. TOCs are, however, compatible with all other supported Markdown formats.
{{% /note %}}
## Template Example: Basic TOC
The following is an example of a very basic [single page template][]:

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