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Actuall show how to generate pages in quickstart

The development server isn't really that important for quick start.

Yes it is useful but makes things complex.

The most important part is really static site generation, and it is actually hard to find how to do it in your tutorials!

Same for `hugo new`. It is automagic, and anti-thesis of things being simple. This is why I added section to make it less magic, and simply allow content to be done manually.
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@@ -83,16 +83,27 @@ echo 'theme = "ananke"' >> config.toml

{{< asciicast 7naKerRYUGVPj8kiDmdh5k5h9 >}}

## Step 4: Add Some Content

You can manually create content files (for example as `content/<CATEGORY>/<FILE>.<FORMAT>`) and provide metadata in them, however you can use `new` commend to do few things for you (like add title and date):

hugo new posts/

{{< asciicast eUojYCfRTZvkEiqc52fUsJRBR >}}

Edit the newly created content file if you want, it will start with something like this:

Edit the newly created content file if you want.
title: "My First Post"
date: 2019-03-26T08:47:11+01:00
draft: true


## Step 5: Start the Hugo server
@@ -130,6 +141,8 @@ Press Ctrl+C to stop

**Navigate to your new site at [http://localhost:1313/](http://localhost:1313/).**

Feel free to edit or add new content and simply refresh in browser to see changes quickly (You might need to force refresh in webbrowser, something like Ctrl-R usually works).

## Step 6: Customize the Theme

@@ -157,3 +170,13 @@ For theme specific configuration options, see the [theme site](

**For further theme customization, see [Customize a Theme](/themes/customizing/).**

### Step 7: Build static pages

It is simple. Just call:


Output will be in `./public/` directory by default (`-d`/`--destination` flag to change it, or set `publishdir` in the config file).

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