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What is Hypermode?

The app developer's missing operational framework to free AI from the lab and launch in production. Join the developers who skip the data science, write less code, build richer features, and ship faster.

  • Try a new model, in one line of code.
  • Tailor models, start with zero data.
  • Put models to work, with Hypermode Functions.

What can you Ship with Hypermode?

From vector search to retrieval-augmented generation (RAG), LLMs to customized open source models, Hypermode has everything you need to ship powerful AI features.

How do I get started with Hypermode?

If you're an app developer who would like early access, email with your first AI-powered feature and we'll get you onboarded.

Popular repositories

  1. template-project template-project Public template

    Template recommended for use as the base for new Hypermode projects

    TypeScript 1

  2. .github .github Public

  3. kserve kserve Public

    Forked from kserve/kserve

    Standardized Serverless ML Inference Platform on Kubernetes



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