Forwarding NewRelic alerts via SMS
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NewRelic alerts via SMS


1. update, save as
2. python configure_db
3. python


With NewRelic webhooks, one can write a custom web app to play with alerts.
Here is an attempt to send an SMS whenever we receive an alert.

NewRelic doesnt give us an interface to add users to a plugin's alerts, this
project gives a web and REST api based interface to manage users data and
plugin alerts.


Read this Create a channel
for webhook and go to an alert policy(should be found in tools>alert policy)
add this webhook as an alert channel. Now whenever an alert is raised from this alert policy,
a SMS will be sent to the corresponding users in user channels.
A SMS is also sent to the default person.

Change and run python, this will configure
the database with your plugins, users. You are all set, run python
If python complains about missing librarys, install them and re-run the command.
It starts a service at port 8080(configurable). Use something like,
if you want to test it with newrelic, before deploying.
With, you can quickly expose a localservice to public.

Any change in file can be quickly consumed by the app without restarting by sending it
a USR1 signal. Ex: ps aux | grep webhook #note down the pid and then run this command,
kill -s USR1 pid the service will pick the new set of plugins.

Visit localhost:8080/usage, to manage users and to subscribe to a plugin.

Additional features:

1. Phone call on critical errors
2. Add graphs to the dashboard
3. Status page