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GoInstant Multi-user Maps Demo
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GoInstant Google Maps Demo

This repository demonstrates binding the Google Maps API to the GoInstant API.

side-by-side demo screenshot

View the live demo of this code here, or try the side-by-side live demo here.

Running the Demo Yourself


If you'd like to work on the maps demo on your local machine, you'll need to do some setup.


You must have node js v0.10+ install and a redis 2.6+ server running.

We've integrated Twilio and Sendgrid for demo purposes into the Maps application. If you implement the "invite a friend" feature available in this code with Twilio and Sendgrid, please make sure to rate limit them appropriately.

We use Typekit to load the Proxima Nova font, but this is optional. If you want to use another font, you can change it in the scss source.


1. Install + Config Heroku toolbelt; quick link
2. execute npm install from the repo root
3. copy the example configuration and fill out platform object with your own application information
cp config/example.json config/local.json
4. execute foreman start from repo root to start the application


We host the demo on Heroku. These are instructions for setting up and deploying the maps demo to Heroku.


Setup Heroku App + Services
1. Create a heroku app
heroku apps:create yourmapsapp
2. Enable Redis Cloud
heroku addons:add rediscloud:20
3. Setup Heroku Environment

To make setting up your Heroku environment simple, we've provided a script to guide you throught the process.

Before running the script, please have the following information:

  • REDISCLOUD_URL *Press enter to skip this, rediscloud addon automatically sets this
  • GA_ACCOUNT +++
  • GA_DOMAIN +++

+ Recommend entering valid accounts if you have them, if not available fake them out but will error the invite feature

++ These are all required. The PLATFORM ACCOUNT, APP, and SECRET are available in the GoInstant dashboard here

+++ These are optional settings for Google Analytics and Typekit.

Running the Script
./scripts/ -e yourmapsapp

Note about Skipping Variables

If you hit enter without entering anything, the value on Heroku will be retained.

Note about Configuring Locally:

This script can be used to set your local environment as well, by passing -e local in order to keep configurations consistent between local and Heroku.

Verifying the Script Ran Correctly

You should see the information you entered above, when you run the following command

heroku config

Using Heroku

You simply have to push to the heroku git master to launch the app, below are a few different ways

Push Master

Normal or First Push

git push heroku master

Push Branch

To push your branch your working on

git push heroku branchname:master

Push Tag

To push a existing tag, note that this will not work unless you have already initialized the remote repo.

git push heroku v1.0.0^{}:master

Adding Heroku Repos

heroku git:remote -a <prod repo name>
heroku git:remote -a <stg repo name>

Maps powered by GoInstant

GoInstant is an API for integrating realtime, multi-user functionality into your app. You can check it out and sign up for free.


© 2013 GoInstant Inc., a company

Licensed under the 3-clause BSD license, see LICENSE file for details.

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