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Missionette Statement

This mighty little deck of cards will change your health habits.

Care Cards put you in touch with habits to improve your health, life, and well-being. Our sometimes surprising, always practical mantras nudge you toward the healthiest life possible. This deck of cards will transform the way you think about yourself and what it means to be healthy.

There are 54 cards in our deck. On the front of each card is a beautiful illustration reminding you of a specific tenet that can move you in the direction of better health. On the back of each card, we give you essential insights, tips, and help in manifesting that axiom in your life.

Easy-to-use, to take, to share

A little bigger than a standard deck of cards, Care Cards were designed to fit into your pocket – and your life.

Driven by a mission to create better lives, and a better world

We are part of a global movement to shift the health care system to one of:

  • Non-invasive personal diagnostics
  • Highly specialized clinicians that work closely with patients and their families
  • Self-monitoring, self-empowered patients
  • Getting there is equal parts smart technology, healthcare reform, and everyday common sense. We’re here to help with the last part of that equation while evangelizing for the entire system to evolve to better serve patients. We believe living the Care Cards is better for our pocketbooks, smarter for our lives, and allows us to directly impact our health. It all starts with awareness. That’s where the Care Cards come in.

We love where digital health is going.

For almost 10 years, we at Involution Studios have been building software for health companies of every shape and size, from household names like AstraZeneca and Walgreens, to research leaders like the Personal Genome Project and Partners Healthcare. We also work with the most exciting and progressive health startups. We’ve made digital healthcare our top focus.


Juhan Sonin

Harry Sleeper

Sarah Kaiser
Lead Concept Artist and Illustrator

Jane Kokernak, Emily Twaddell
Editor and Researcher

Beth Herlin
Product designer and Researcher

Jennifer Patel, YanYang Zhou
Designer and engineer

Kelly Mansfield


Creative Commons Attribution v3.0


  • npm install to include all required packages
  • run grunt - this will run watch and connect so you can view local changes at localhost:8080
  • add styles to _styles.scss, _fonts.scss, and _skeleton.scss - watch will compile application.scss into application.css
  • add scripts to index.js
  • run grunt concat in another terminal to build changes to index.js into application.js

For guidance integrating Care Cards into your product or service, contact us at


This mighty little deck of cards will change your health habits.







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