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Precision Prism

Precision Prism is a movement to provide the nation with an open source, baseline design for viewing and interacting with precision medicine information in order to deliver it to the hands of patients, clinicians, and care teams to make faster, more informed decisions.

Using the Designs

The Precision Prism is constantly being validated by continual feedback from users, organizations, and a panel of experts.

They are to be shared, used, and critiqued to ensure that future precision medicine products are following the best design guidelines.

Get Involved

Email if you're interested in participating in the following ways:


We need a diverse group of patients, care teams, clinicians, data scientists, public health professionals, and researchers to view and provide critical feedback for the Precision Prism.

  • View and use the designs.
  • Provide feedback on designs.
  • Feedback will be used to change and improve designs.


We are building a panel of healthcare key constituents to vet and become apostles for the Precision Prism. The group will meet at regular intervals to strategize, plan, and design the direction of the Precision Prism.


Evolve the designs with us. Iterate on the current designs or explore new concepts.

Fork the repository and send us a pull request with your ideas.


By becoming a sponsor you join part of the precision medicine movement.

  • Enable continued development and expansion of precision medicine designs into additional specialties, care scenarios, and modalities.
  • Push awareness efforts to enable greater adoption of Precision Prism.


  • Located in docs/.
  • Built using Jekyll – make sure Jekyll is installed via gem install jekyll.
  • To serve the website locally, change directory to docs and run jekyll serve


Apache License Version 2.0