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Precision Health Definition
(Version 1. 08.AUG.2017)
Health consists of ten-dimensions (goal, data, team, environment, community, workflow, life flow,
setting, time, learning). While each dimension depends on all the others, the resulting scenarios can be
too complex to grasp or use in real time. We need the right information about the right person or group
of people at the right time in the right manner for the right viewer. Precision Health , makes it easier for
clinicians, patients, care teams, and communities to make faster, more informed health decisions.
Precision Health draws on many building blocks, including Precision Medicine, the Standard Health
Record, Data Completeness, Determinants of Health, Scenarios of Care, an Intervention Engine, and
Precision Prism.
Standard Health Record (SHR)
A unified language to describe our health. The definition of a human, in code.
The Standard Health Record (SHR) gives us a unified language to describe our health. SHR provides a U.S.
standard for core health information about a person. This standard includes definitions, language,
grammar, and syntax for capturing life information from the care team, home sensors, communities, or
our mobile phones.
Determinants of Health (DoH)
Data about our entire life. The physiologic, environmental, and behavioral framework that aims Precision Health toward priorities,
causes and connections.
Our health record contains more than our medical care. It contains data about our entire life. The
elements within the SHR includes many areas that affect our quality of health: our individual behavior,
social circumstances, genetics and biology, medical care and the environment. Taken together these
factors are called the Determinants of Health (DoH) . Clinical care, the focus of our health systems,
account for only 11% of our overall health. A holistic view of one’s health requires the total picture, a ll
the determinants.
Data Completeness
A critical mass of accurate data. Full, accurate data sets feed Precision Prism.
As data creators, users and programmers define and refine the dataset of an individual and expand to
use of data about our entire lives, we face the challenge of significant data gaps. Gaps can include
missing data elements without standards , empty data cells, and data of uncertain accuracy. Data
completeness contains inherent tension. As gaps fill, new ones appear. Since data completeness affects
analysis, receiving new data can improve data completeness and accuracy.
Scenarios of Care
The settings for using health data. The context for the specific view within Precision Prism.
Scenarios of care consist of realistic verbal and pictorial snapshots or a combination of events relevant
to the health journey of a person, health team, and/or community. The scenarios include desired goals
and outcomes, the players, the flow of events, the conditions (DoH) and treatment and Clinical Decision
Intervention Engine
New insights through data mining and predictive analysis.
Dynamic design allows the Precision Prism to evolve and learn to drive the right care, at the right time,
with the right behavior, for the right person or communities.
Data mining and predictive analysis continuously provide new insights about meeting individual,
population, and global goals and health outcomes. The Intervention Engine identifies likely risks to the
health team and community and potential solutions in lifestyle, treatment, workflow, and environment
and informs actionable insights, decisions and action. The Intervention Engine feeds goal and outcome
attainment data back into the data pool to increase its usefulness in making decisions.
prediction behavior changes
Precision Prism
An open source catalog of designs to view and interact with Precision Health information.
Using Precision Health data requires the right viewer of the right information about the right person or
group of people at the right time . Think of peering into a kaleidoscope of data - beautiful, complex,
overwhelming, changing with every twist and turn. Precision Prism makes sense of it.