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PySmell v0.7.1 - 4 Nov 2008
More robust TextMate support, better error reporting on Vim.
PySmell v0.7 - 2 Nov 2008
Added module member completion: "import os" followed by "os." will give members of os.
Added rudimentary type-inferencing:
a = A() # A is a class.
"a" will be detected as an instance of A.
A lot of under-the-hood refactoring, making adding features easier.
Added setuptools support: pysmell is now a script. Thanks, Michael Thalmeier
Added Emacs support. Thanks, Tom Wright
Added TextMate support. Thanks, dbr -
PySmell has now a bug tracker on Google Code. Also available at PyPI.
PySmell v0.6 - 13 Oct 2008
Added module completion, including absolute and relative imports. Completing import
statements works, but the messages may look a bit wonky - please report oddities.
Added support for 'static' libraries - Basically, PYSMELLTAGS.* will now be
used, but you still have to have a root PYSMELLTAGS file. Look at README for
more information.
Improved handling of single files and package detection
Python 2.4-2.5 can now be analyzed with no errors.
Renamed to
Added shebang to
PySmell v0.5 - 15 Sep 2008
Bug fix: infinite loop when no PYSMELLTAGS is found.
PySmell v0.4 - 11 Sep 2008
Improved class detection: Now works even for classes which are not present in PYSMELLDICT
Improved import handling: "absolute" imports work, as well as imported name detection.
This version sort-of correctly handles Django (not the dynamic part of course!)
PySmell v0.3 - 10 Sep 2008
Added simple type-inferencing when inside classes, hardcoded to "self". It will present methods and properties
of current and parent classes (but not built-in types). It only works with relative imports for now.
When you auto-complete right after a function/method call's opening parenthesis, the arguments will be filled in.
You can select out of seven matching behaviours - look in pysmell.vim for possible options.
Big improvements on correctness of PYSMELLTAGS files.
Bugfix: Set Vim to display duplicate arguments
Bugfix: change name of omnifunc so to not clash with built-in python omnicompletion
PySmell v0.2 - 1 Sep 2008
Added support for nested packages
Exceptions in files are not blocking the process
Switched to parseFile, shouldn't have to worry about line endings
PySmell v0.1 - 31 Aug 2008
Initial, roughly working version