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Proctor is a developer friendly automation orchestrator. It helps everyone use automation and contribute to it

Dev environment setup

  • Install and setup golang
  • Clone the repository
  • Run make build


  • proctord is the heart of the automation orchestrator
  • It is a web service that handles management and execution of procs

Dev environment setup

  • Ensure local postgres server is up and running
  • Ensure local redis server is up and running
  • Install kubectl
  • Configure kubectl to point to desired kubernetes cluster. For setting up kubernetes cluster locally, refer here
  • Run a kubectl proxy server on your local machine
  • Configure proctord
  • Setup & Run database migrations by running this command make db.setup from the repo directory
  • Start service by make start-server
  • Run curl {host-address:port}/ping for health-check of service

proctord configuration

  • Copy .env.sample into .env file
  • Please refer meaning of proctord configuration here
  • Modify configuration for dev setup in .env file
  • Export environment variables configured in .env file by running source .env
  • proctor server gets configuration from environment variables.

proctord configuration explanation

  • PROCTOR_APP_PORT is port on which service will run
  • PROCTOR_LOG_LEVEL defines log levels of service. Available options are: debug,info,warn,error,fatal,panic
  • PROCTOR_REDIS_ADDRESS is hostname and port of redis store for jobs configuration and metadata
  • PROCTOR_REDIS_MAX_ACTIVE_CONNECTIONS defines maximum active connections to redis. Maximum idle connections is half of this config
  • PROCTOR_LOGS_STREAM_READ_BUFFER_SIZE and PROCTOR_LOGS_STREAM_WRITE_BUFFER_SIZE is the buffer size for websocket connection while streaming logs
  • PROCTOR_KUBE_CONFIG needs to be set only if service is running outside a kubernetes cluster
    • If unset, service will execute jobs in the same kubernetes cluster where it is run
    • When set to "out-of-cluster", service will fetch kube config based on current-context from .kube/config file in home directory
  • If a job doesn't reach completion, it is terminated after PROCTOR_KUBE_JOB_ACTIVE_DEADLINE_SECONDS
  • PROCTOR_KUBE_JOB_RETRIES is the number of retries for a kubernetes job (on failure)
  • PROCTOR_DEFAULT_NAMESPACE is the namespace under which jobs will be run in kubernetes cluster. By default, K8s has namespace "default". If you set another value, please create namespace in K8s before deploying proctord
  • PROCTOR_KUBE_CLUSTER_HOST_NAME is address/ip address to api-server of kube cluster. It is used for fetching logs of a pod using https
  • PROCTOR_KUBE_CA_CERT_ENCODED is the CA cert file encoded in base64. This is used for establishing authority while talking to kubernetes api-server on a public https call
  • PROCTOR_KUBE_BASIC_AUTH_ENCODED is the base64 encoded authentication of kubernetes. Enocde username:password to base64 and set this config.
  • Before streaming logs of jobs, PROCTOR_KUBE_POD_LIST_WAIT_TIME is the time to wait until jobs and pods are in active/successful/failed state
  • PROCTOR_POSTGRES_USER, PROCTOR_POSTGRES_PASSWORD, PROCTOR_POSTGRES_HOST and PROCTOR_POSTGRES_PORT is the username and password to the postgres database you wish to connect to
  • Set PROCTOR_POSTGRES_DATABASE to proctord_development for development purpose
  • PROCTOR_POSTGRES_MAX_CONNECTIONS defines maximum open and idle connections to postgres
  • PROCTOR_POSTGRES_CONNECTIONS_MAX_LIFETIME is the lifetime of a connection in minutes
  • PROCTOR_NEW_RELIC_APP_NAME and PROCTOR_NEW_RELIC_LICENCE_KEY are used to send profiling details to newrelic. Provide dummy values if you don't want profiling
  • PROCTOR_MIN_CLIENT_VERSION is minimum client version allowed to communicate with proctord
  • PROCTOR_SCHEDULED_JOBS_FETCH_INTERVAL_IN_MINS is the interval at which the scheduler fetches updated jobs from database
  • PROCTOR_MAIL_USERNAME, PROCTOR_MAIL_PASSWORD, PROCTOR_MAIL_SERVER_HOST, PROCTOR_MAIL_SERVER_PORT are the creds required to send notification to users on scheduled jobs execution
  • PROCTOR_JOB_POD_ANNOTATIONS is used to set any kubernetes pod specific annotations.
  • PROCTOR_SENTRY_DSN is used to set sentry DSN.


A Developer-Friendly Automation Orchestrator




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