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package goji
import "net/http"
Handle adds a new route to the Mux. Requests that match the given Pattern will
be dispatched to the given http.Handler.
Routing is performed in the order in which routes are added: the first route
with a matching Pattern will be used. In particular, Goji guarantees that
routing is performed in a manner that is indistinguishable from the following
// Assume routes is a slice that every call to Handle appends to
for _, route := range routes {
// For performance, Patterns can opt out of this call to Match.
// See the documentation for Pattern for more.
if r2 := route.pattern.Match(r); r2 != nil {
route.handler.ServeHTTP(w, r2)
It is not safe to concurrently register routes from multiple goroutines, or to
register routes concurrently with requests.
func (m *Mux) Handle(p Pattern, h http.Handler) {
m.router.add(p, h)
HandleFunc adds a new route to the Mux. It is equivalent to calling Handle on a
handler wrapped with http.HandlerFunc, and is provided only for convenience.
func (m *Mux) HandleFunc(p Pattern, h func(http.ResponseWriter, *http.Request)) {
m.Handle(p, http.HandlerFunc(h))