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Exploratory testing assistant for Chrome and Firefox. Adds common problematic values and edge cases to the context menu (right-click) for editable elements, so you can keep them handy and access them easily during exploratory testing sessions.


  • Convenient access to common boundaries and edge cases for exploratory testing
  • Extend it with your own config files easily
  • Works on input fields, text areas, content editable DIVs
  • Works on multi-frame pages, but only if they are from the same domain
  • Works in Chrome and Firefox
  • Tiny overhead per page (<1k), no 3rd party library dependencies, completely passive, so it does not interfere with your web app execution in any way


The easiest way to install the extension is from the Chrome Web store or Mozilla Add-ons.

After installation, just right-click on any editable item on the page and you'll see a Bug Magnet submenu. Click an item there, and it will be inserted into the editable field.

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Icon credit

Magnet icon from Woothemes Ultimate Icon Set by Nishan Sothilingam

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