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Go Report Card Build Status License

Go Report Card

A web application that generates a report on the quality of an open source go project. It uses several measures, including gofmt, go vet, go lint and gocyclo. To get a report on your own project, try using the hosted version of this code running at goreportcard.com.


Assuming you already have a recent version of Go installed, pull down the code with go get:

go get github.com/gojp/goreportcard

Go into the source directory and pull down the project dependencies:

cd $GOPATH/src/github.com/gojp/goreportcard
make install

Now run

make start-dev

and you should see

Running on

Navigate to that URL in your browser and check that you can see the front page.

When running the site in a production environment, instead of make start-dev, run:

make start


Go Report Card is an open source project run by volunteers, and contributions are welcome! Check out the Issues page to see if your idea for a contribution has already been mentioned, and feel free to raise an issue or submit a pull request.


The code is licensed under the permissive Apache v2.0 licence. This means you can do what you like with the software, as long as you include the required notices. Read this for a summary.


We don't support this on Windows since we have no way to test it on Windows.