Javascript Canvas Resize Plugin. It can work both with jQuery and Zepto. It's compatible with iOS6 and Android 2.3+
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canvasResize is a plug-in for client side image resizing. It's compatible with iOS6.

It can work both with jQuery and Zepto

I fixed iOS6 Safari's image file rendering issue for large size image (over mega-pixel) using few functions from ios-imagefile-megapixel And fixed orientation issue by using exif-js

You can change image size and quality with plugin options easily.

Tested on:

  • Chromium (24.0.1312.56)
  • Google Chrome (25.0.1364.68 beta)
  • Opera (12.14)
  • IOS 6.1.2

You can check it on


$('input[name=photo]').change(function(e) {
    var file =[0];
    canvasResize(file, {
        width: 300,
        height: 0,
        crop: false,
        quality: 80,
        //rotate: 90,
        callback: function(data, width, height) {
            $(img).attr('src', data);


width    : 300,     // Image width.
height   : 0,       // Image height, default 0 (flexible).
crop     : false,   // default false.
quality  : 80,      // Image quality default 80.
rotate   : 90,      // Image rotation default 0
callback : function(){},


It is under MIT License and It requires binaryajax.js and exif.js (or jQuery EXIF) to work which is also under the MPL License