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on media-csc
mount /sdcard1
mount /cache
echo "Copying the media files"
mkdir -p /sdcard1/Samsung/Music
cp -y -f -r -v /cache/Samsung /sdcard1/Samsung
unmount /sdcard1
mount /sdcard1
cmp -r /cache/Samsung /sdcard1/Samsung
echo "Successfully copied the media files"
on multi-csc
echo "-- Appling Multi-CSC..."
mount /system
cp -y -f -r -v /system/csc/comm_apk /system/app/
cp -y -f -r -v /system/csc/comm_so /system/lib
cp -y -f -r -v /system/csc/comm_data/wallpaper /system/wallpaper/
cp -y -f -r -v /system/csc/comm_data/media /system/media/
cp -y -f -r -v /system/csc/comm_data/etc /system/etc/
echo "Applied the CSC-code : <salse_code>"
cp -y -f -r -v /system/csc/<salse_code> /
unmount /system
mount /system
cmp -r /system/csc/<salse_code> /
echo "Successfully applied multi-CSC."