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Add correct SUB_MIC for N7000 speakerphone

Change-Id: I8d9656dce8bab3d46f719a001f49d64d70ff7d02
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1 parent 5491d28 commit 7d98ee7fd516a1e15c5d55fb457cf4330a401137 @xplodwild xplodwild committed with May 23, 2012
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  1. +11 −0 arch/arm/mach-exynos/mach-u1.c
11 arch/arm/mach-exynos/mach-u1.c
@@ -3076,6 +3076,16 @@ static void u1_sound_init(void)
gpio_set_value(GPIO_EAR_MIC_BIAS_EN, 0);
+#if defined(CONFIG_MACH_Q1_BD)
+ err = gpio_request(GPIO_SUB_MIC_BIAS_EN, "submic_bias");
+ if (err) {
+ pr_err(KERN_ERR "SUB_MIC_BIAS_EN GPIO set error!\n");
+ return;
+ }
+ gpio_direction_output(GPIO_SUB_MIC_BIAS_EN, 1);
+ gpio_set_value(GPIO_SUB_MIC_BIAS_EN, 0);
+ gpio_free(GPIO_SUB_MIC_BIAS_EN);
if (system_rev >= SYSTEM_REV_SND) {
err = gpio_request(GPIO_SUB_MIC_BIAS_EN, "submic_bias");
if (err) {
@@ -3085,6 +3095,7 @@ static void u1_sound_init(void)
gpio_direction_output(GPIO_SUB_MIC_BIAS_EN, 0);
+#endif /* defined(CONFIG_MACH_Q1_BD) */

3 comments on commit 7d98ee7


Targeting Notes soon? :)


yes :) but I don't have the device and I won't compile & publish. my best friend is going to buy one this week after s3 is released and he will compile for himself (and maybe some other people will compile it as well). it will finally be lower than $1000 in Turkey.


One thing to watch out for - Samsung changed something such that the FIMC implementation in I9100 Update4 doesn't seem to want to work with N7000 Touchwizz firmwares.

I haven't managed to backport the N7000 FIMC to an I9100 Update4 base yet - it's time consuming as it seems tightly integrated with some include/ changes AND the new busfreq implementation in the N7000 source base which I haven't backported yet.

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