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continuous integration testing infrastructure
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The bakery is part of the gokrazy project. It consists of a set of programs, installed on two different Raspberry Pi 3s at stapelberg’s place:

  • One “sacrificial” Raspberry Pi 3 (bakery) is running a gokrazy image with the bake program. The program prints success messages to the serial console.
  • The bootery program installs updated gokrazy images on the bakery Raspberry Pi 3 and waits for the success messages printed by the bake program (the Raspberry Pi 3 running bootery is physically connected to the serial console of the bakery Raspberry Pi 3).

The bootery program is used in our continuous integration setup to verify that new firmware and kernel versions actually work on real hardware.


~/go/bin/gokr-packer \
  -hostname=bakery \
  -overwrite=/dev/sdx \ \
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