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turn your Go program(s) into an appliance running on the Raspberry Pi 3, Pi 4, Pi Zero 2 W, or amd64 PCs!


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With gokrazy, you can deploy your Go programs as appliances to a Raspberry Pi or PC (→ supported platforms).

For a long time, we were unhappy with having to care about security issues and Linux distribution maintenance on our various Raspberry Pis.

Then, we had a crazy idea: what if we got rid of memory-unsafe languages and all software we don’t strictly need?

Turns out this is feasible. gokrazy is the result.

→ Learn more at

GitHub Repository structure

Documentation uses hugo for creating and generating the website. You can find the hugo install instructions here: Install Hugo. With hugo you can write documentation in Markdown and generate a static website from it.

The website subdirectory is hugo’s root directory. In order to preview the documentation or to re-generate the website, switch the directory to website.

To preview the website, run the hugo webserver:

hugo serve

Generate the website:


The updated website content will be stored in the ./docs directory. Do not update anything here manually.