Sample styleguide implementation in Swift.
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Sample styleguide implementation in Swift.

For more:

Font & Color

enum Color {
    static let black = UIColor.blackColor()
    static let tint = UIColor.greenColor()

enum Alpha {
    static let none     = CGFloat(0.0)
    static let veryLow  = CGFloat(0.05)
    static let low      = CGFloat(0.30)
    static let medium1  = CGFloat(0.40)
    static let medium2  = CGFloat(0.50)
    static let medium3  = CGFloat(0.60)
    static let high     = CGFloat(0.87)
    static let full     = CGFloat(1.0)

enum Font {
    static func withSize(size: CGFloat, weight: CGFloat) -> UIFont {
        return UIFont.systemFontOfSize(size, weight: weight)


label.font = Font.withSize(15.0, UIFontWeightRegular)
label.textColor =

// Color + Alpha:
let colorWithAlpha = * Alpha.low


struct TextStyle {
    let font: UIFont
    let color: UIColor


// Namespace your styles:

// Changing color of a text style:
let rareButtonStyle = TextStyle.Button.action + Color.white

// Applying alpha to a text style's color:
let rateButtonStyle = TextStyle.Button.action * Alpha.low

ViewStyle & LayerStyle

struct ViewStyle {
    struct LayerStyle {
        struct BorderStyle {
            let color: UIColor
            let width: CGFloat
        struct ShadowStyle {
            let color: UIColor
            let radius: CGFloat
            let offset: CGSize
            let opacity: Float
        let masksToBounds: Bool?
        let cornerRadius: CGFloat?
        let borderStyle: BorderStyle?
        let shadowStyle: ShadowStyle?
    let backgroundColor: UIColor?
    let tintColor: UIColor?
    let layerStyle: LayerStyle?


Styling Protocols

To use these style structs with your view objects, you just need to conform to TextStyling and ViewStyling protocols. Check StyleguideHelpers.swift class to see implementation for commonly used views.

protocol TextStyling {
    func style(style: TextStyle)

protocol ViewStyling {
    func style(style: ViewStyle)