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This is a partially-functional pseudo-wiki backed by markdown. It is designed as a replacement for gitit. It works just well enough for me to use it as my note repository.

What's missing?

  • proper page linking and highlighting links that don't exist. I'm reading blackfriday to create a wiki-markdown library, but this is going to take some work (and time).

So what can you actually do? Edit and create new pages. This program is designed for a single user, so you can specify a wiki user and password for authentication.

You can link to pages in the wiki with

        [page title](/page)


$ go get
$ mkdir ~/wiki
$ cd ~/wiki
$ gowik

Source control isn't handled by gowik (yet), but I use git to backup and sync my wiki.

How did this come about?

I couldn't sleep one night and decided to do something about my annoyances with gitit. It took 30 minutes for the first POC app, which had no stylesheets, required manually changing the url to edit a page, and only supported editing and viewing existing pages. From the original index page:

why would you even what is this

  • couldn't sleep
  • using gitit, but h37 ghc and cabal
  • couldn't sleep
  • want to play with webshell moar
  • couldn't sleep
  • why not?
  • couldn't sleep
  • are you not making a wiki?

Bugs / TODO

  • Search should search page titles as well as page text.
  • There's a problem in the authentication section; bad credentials lead to an infinite redirect. I believe this is actually a fault in the webshell/auth code, but it manifests here, as well.