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keybase command line client

This is an attempt at rewriting the command line client in Go.

Currently supported:

  • logging in
  • look up a user
  • fetch a user's public key

The api/ subpackage contains an interface to the API; it will have a better record of supported features during development.

Things you should know about this package:

  • As long as I own this code, you will not be able to upload a private key to Keybase. Sorry, but at this time, I am unwilling to upload a private key to someone else's computer; this is non-negotiable.


keybase [-u user] [-out file] [-pub file] command [arguments]

The -u flag tells keybase what username to log in as; this is only used for authenticated commands.

Unauthenticated commands

These commands do not require logging in.

  • lookup: lookup takes a list of one or more users, and prints information about them to standard out. It will print out most available information, but it won't print out their public key to declutter standard output.
  • fetch: fetch takes a username and attempts to download the public key for the user. The file is saved in the file specified by -out, or ".pub". If the output file is "-", the key is printed to standard output.

Authenticated commands

These commands require logging in: your username should be specified with "-u", and keybase will read your password from the terminal.

  • testlogin: this command takes no arguments and just attempts to login. This is primarily useful as a test command to ensure logins work.
  • upload: this command uploads the public key specified by the -pub flag to the account; it will replace any existing key there. This public key should be an ASCII-armoured OpenPGP-exported public key.
  • delete: this command removes the user's public key from the account.


  1. Hook upload into an OpenPGP key ring, and allow the user to specify the key ID to upload by default (while allowing files.)
  2. Figure out the Go OpenPGP package to allow for signatures (i.e. the sig/post_auth endpoint.
  3. Pester the Keybase folks about verifying using this client (and encrypting and so forth).


This program is currently not very useful, but it (and the current API implementation) are open sourced under the ISC license. See the LICENSE file in either the project root or in the api package for the full text.