minimal version of the OpenSSH ssh-keygen(1) utility
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sshkeygen: minimal version of the OpenSSH ssh-keygen(1) utility.

This was primarily written as a proof-of-concept and test of the sshkey[1]

Usage: sshkeygen [flags]
    -b bitsize          bitsize of key to create
    -c comment          key comment
    -f filename         input keyfile
    -l                  show fingerprint of keyfile
    -t keytype          type of key to create

By default, sshkeygen will generate 256-bit ECDSA keys.


    -b bitsize
        This selects the size of the key to be generated, in bits. For
        ECDSA keys, valid sizes are 256, 384, or 521 bits. For RSA keys,
        a minimum size of 2048 bits is enforced.

    -c comment
        Specify a comment for the generated key. If no comment is provided,
        the default commend 'user@host' is used.

    -f filename
        Specify the filename of the SSH key file. If a key is being
        generated, the private key is stored in "filename", and the
        public key is stored in "".

    -l  Display the fingerprint for an SSH public key. Currently, this fails
        if the file is a private key.

    -t keytype
        Specify the type of key to create. Permissible values are "rsa"
        and "ecdsa".


sshkeygen is released under an ISC license.