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File Embedding in Go

Talk at Golang Leipzig November Meetup

What is File Embedding?

  • packing arbitrary resources into a binary/executable
  • a resource can be anything, e.g. HTML templates, CSS or Javascript files, a favicon, translations...
  • example layout of a typical web application:
├── assets
│   ├── base.css
│   ├── base.js
│   ├── ...
│   └── favicon.svg
├── migrations
│   ├── 01_initial_setup.down.sql
│   └── ...
├── notes.go
├── storage.go
├── storage_test.go
└── views
    ├── index.gohtml
    ├── ...
    └── layouts
        └── base.gohtml

Advantages 👍

  • only a single file needs to be distributed/deployed
  • especially useful for desktop applications (no need for $XDG_HOME, %APPDATA% or ~/Library)
  • embedded data is "immutable" (at least from outside the process)

Disadvantages 👎

  • binary size grows with each resource that gets embedded → increased memory usage
  • space efficiency depends on the encoding of the embedded content
  • large files are not suitable for embedding

If the resources are compressable---e.g. most plain text files are---then a binary packer like upx can reduce the file size dramatically:

$ upx -o notes.upx notes
$ du -sh notes notes.upx 
24M     notes
9.7M    notes.upx

Available Implementations

  • go-bindata most popular but now deprecated, recommends pkger
  • pkger
    • requires a Go modules project
    • API simulates os.File
    • 👎 stores a lot of redundant metadata, e.g. absolute paths to files 👮‍♀️ or imported packages
  • statik
    • simulates an http.FileSystem---ok for some use cases but pretty otherwise inconvenient
    • 👎 can only include a single directory
  • go.rice
    • 👎 complicated to use, scans your source code for rice.FindBox("/path") calls and includes them
    • 👎 weird limitations, e.g. paths cannot be constant strings or undefined behaviour when called in init()
    • failed to set it up for my example application, I really wonder why this got popular 🤷‍♂️

It's Time for Yet Another File Embedding Tool



   embed - A new cli application

   embed [global options] command [command options] [arguments...]


   help, h  Shows a list of commands or help for one command

   --package value, -p value                    name of the package the generated Go file is associated to (default: "main")
   --destination value, --dest value, -d value  where to store the generated Go file (default: "embeds.go")
   --include value, -i value                    paths to embed, directories are stored recursively (can be used multiple times)
   --help, -h                                   show help (default: false)
   --version, -v                                print the version (default: false)

Draft for Embedded Static Files

The draft---published by Russ Cox and Brad Fitzpatrick in July---identified the following problems with the current situation:

  • too many existing tools 😅
  • all depend on a manual generation step
  • generated file bloats git history (with a second slightly larger copy of each file)
  • not go-gettable if generated file is not checked into source control

Adding support for file embedding to the go command will eliminate those problems.

Proposed changes:

  • new //go:embed directive
  • embed package containing embed.Files that implements fs.FS file system interface draft which makes it directly usable with net/http and hmtl/template

Here's an example for the embed directive:

// content holds our static web server content.
//go:embed image/* template/*
//go:embed html/index.html
var content embed.Files

The draft also contains various considerations regarding:

Still curious?


A talk about the what, why and how of file embedding in Go.







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