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Welcome to Go and Cloud Native Leipzig #1.

2019-02-08, 19:00 CET, Basislager Leipzig


Depiction of a Cloud Gopher


  • idea floated around for some time
  • there were some previous meetups and events around Go, e.g. Ready to Go (04/2018), devopenspace 2018 (10/2018) and more


Join forces, combine Go and Cloud, just start and see where this goes.


I took the stochastic matrix sorted by the future popularity of the language (as predicted by the first eigenvector).


From language to language matrix


Surprisingly, (to me, at least) Go is the big winner here. There is a ton of search results for people moving from X to Go. I'm not even sure how I feel about it (I have mixed feelings about Go) but I guess my infallible analysis points to the inevitable conclusion that Go is something worth watching.

Go meetups around the world


The market.



The landscape:

Wrap up

Our goal is to establish a place, where people from all backgrounds interested in the Go programming language and various cloud technologies can meet, learn, share experiences, present, discuss and network. We aim to be a welcoming community, respecting Gopher values, as outlined here:


  • past, present and future use of Go and Cloud
  • ideas for presentations, workshops
  • beer!
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