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URL Query WithInstance Config Description
x-migrations-table MigrationsTable Name of the migrations table
dbname DatabaseName The name of the database to connect to
user The user to sign in as
password The user's password
host The host to connect to.
port The port to bind to.
tls TLS / SSL encrypted connection parameter; see go-sql-driver. Use any name (e.g. migrate) if you want to use a custom TLS config (x-tls- queries).
x-tls-ca The location of the CA (certificate authority) file.
x-tls-cert The location of the client certicicate file. Must be used with x-tls-key.
x-tls-key The location of the private key file. Must be used with x-tls-cert.
x-tls-insecure-skip-verify Whether or not to use SSL (true|false)

Use with existing client

If you use the MySQL driver with existing database client, you must create the client with parameter multiStatements=true:

package main

import (
    _ ""
    _ ""

func main() {
    db, _ := sql.Open("mysql", "user:password@tcp(host:port)/dbname?multiStatements=true")
    driver, _ := mysql.WithInstance(db, &mysql.Config{})
    m, _ := migrate.NewWithDatabaseInstance(

Upgrading from v1

  1. Write down the current migration version from schema_migrations
  2. DROP TABLE schema_migrations
  3. Wrap your existing migrations in transactions (BEGIN/COMMIT) if you use multiple statements within one migration.
  4. Download and install the latest migrate version.
  5. Force the current migration version with migrate force <current_version>.
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