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kmuratov and dhui Enabled maligned, staticcheck and errcheck linters (#206)
* Enabled maligned check

* Enabled staticcheck

* Fixes for golint

* Enabled errcheck linter

* Added fixes for error check

* Added errcheck for tests

* Fixed test

* Increased golangci-lint deadline for travis

* Increased golangci-lint deadline for travis

* Decreased golangci-lint deadline for travis

* Revert for backward compatibility

* Using log.Println() instead of fmt.Println()

* Handling os.RemoveAll() errors

* Using t.Error(error) instead of t.Errorf("%v", err)

* Using t.Fatal(error) instead of t.Fatalf("%v", err)

* Using fmt.Sprint(sum) instead of t.Srintf("%v", sum)

* Refactoring

* Revert for backward compatibility

* Revert

* go mod tidy

* Added error logging

* Added error logging

* Added error handling

* Added error handling

* Added error logging

* Fix error logging

* Added error handling

* Fix

* Added logging for migr.Buffer()

* Fixes

* Firebird test disabled

* Fixed nolint comment

* Updated firebird docker image version

* Disabled test for firebird 2.5

* Fixed // nolint
Latest commit 6c96ef0 Apr 27, 2019


postgres://user:password@host:port/dbname?query (postgresql:// works, too)

URL Query WithInstance Config Description
x-migrations-table MigrationsTable Name of the migrations table
dbname DatabaseName The name of the database to connect to
search_path This variable specifies the order in which schemas are searched when an object is referenced by a simple name with no schema specified.
user The user to sign in as
password The user's password
host The host to connect to. Values that start with / are for unix domain sockets. (default is localhost)
port The port to bind to. (default is 5432)
fallback_application_name An application_name to fall back to if one isn't provided.
connect_timeout Maximum wait for connection, in seconds. Zero or not specified means wait indefinitely.
sslcert Cert file location. The file must contain PEM encoded data.
sslkey Key file location. The file must contain PEM encoded data.
sslrootcert The location of the root certificate file. The file must contain PEM encoded data.
sslmode Whether or not to use SSL (disable|require|verify-ca|verify-full)

Upgrading from v1

  1. Write down the current migration version from schema_migrations
  2. DROP TABLE schema_migrations
  3. Wrap your existing migrations in transactions (BEGIN/COMMIT) if you use multiple statements within one migration.
  4. Download and install the latest migrate version.
  5. Force the current migration version with migrate force <current_version>.
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