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content: documented godoc's "Deprecated:" convention in the godoc post
Fixes golang/go#10909

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adg committed Jan 27, 2016
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@@ -37,6 +37,14 @@ Comments that are not adjacent to a top-level declaration are omitted from godoc

// BUG(r): The rule Title uses for word boundaries does not handle Unicode punctuation properly.

Sometimes a struct field, function, type, or even a whole package becomes
redundant or unnecessary, but must be kept for compatibility with existing
To signal that an identifier should not be used, add a paragraph to its doc
comment that begins with "Deprecated:" followed by some information about the
There are a such few examples [[][in the standard library]].

There are a few formatting rules that Godoc uses when converting comments to HTML:

- Subsequent lines of text are considered part of the same paragraph; you must leave a blank line to separate paragraphs.

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