@darkowlzz darkowlzz released this Oct 19, 2017 · 594 commits to master since this release

Assets 8


  • Add support for importing from gvt and gb. (#1149)
  • Wildcard ignore support. (#1156)
  • Disable SourceManager lock by setting DEPNOLOCK environment variable.
  • dep ensure -no-vendor -dry-run now exits with an error when changes would
    have to be made to Gopkg.lock. This is useful for CI. (#1256)


  • gps: Fix case mismatch error with multiple dependers. (#1233)
  • Skip broken vendor symlink rather than returning an error. (#1191)
  • Fix status shows incorrect reason for lock mismatch when ignoring packages.


  • Allow dep ensure -add and -update when lock is out-of-sync. (#1225)
  • gps: vcs: Dedupe git version list (#1212)
  • gps: Add prune functions to gps. (#1020)
  • gps: Skip broken vendor symlinks. (#1191)
  • dep ensure -add now concurrently fetches the source and adds the projects.
  • File name case check is now performed on Gopkg.toml and Gopkg.lock.
  • gps: gps now supports pruning. (#1020)
  • dep ensure -update now concurrently validates the passed project arguments.
    Improving performance when updating dependencies with -update. (#1175)
  • dep status now concurrently fetches repo info. Improving status performance.
  • gps: Add SourceURLsForPath() to SourceManager. (#1166)
  • gps: Include output in error. (#1180)


  • gps: Process canonical import paths. (#1017)
  • gps: Persistent cache. (#1127, #1215)