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application: gopkgdoc3
version: 2
runtime: go
api_version: go1
- url: /google3d2f3cd4cc2bb44b\.html
static_files: static/google3d2f3cd4cc2bb44b.html
upload: static/google3d2f3cd4cc2bb44b.html
- url: /robots\.txt
static_files: static/robots.txt
upload: static/robots.txt
- url: /favicon\.ico
static_files: static/favicon.ico
upload: static/favicon.ico
- url: /hook/github
static_files: static/empty.txt
upload: static/empty.txt
- url: /-/static
static_dir: static
expiration: 30d
- url: /.*
script: _go_app
skip_files: |
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