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This is a followup to CL 96495.

It should be simpler and more robust to achieve .bat files having
CRLF line endings by treating it as a binary file, like all other
files, and checking it in with the desired CRLF line endings.

A test is used to check the entire Go tree, short of directories
starting with "." and named "testdata", for any .bat files that
have anything other than strict CRLF line endings. This will help
catch any accidental modifications to existing .bat files or check
ins of new .bat files.

Importantly, this is compatible with how Gerrit serves .tar.gz files,
making it so that CRLF line endings are preserved.

The Go project is supported on many different environments, some of
which may have limited git implementations available, or none at all.
Relying on fewer git features and special rules makes it easier to
have confidence in the exact content of all files. Additionally, Go
development started in Subversion, moved to Perforce, then Mercurial,
and now uses Git.¹ Reducing its reliance on git-specific features will
help if there will be another transition in the project's future.

There are only 5 .bat files in the entire Go source tree, so a new one
being added is a rare event, and we prefer to do things in Go instead.
We still have the option of improving the experience for developers by
adding a pre-commit converter for .bat files to the git-codereview tool.


Fixes #39391.
For #37791.

Change-Id: I6e202216322872f0307ac96f1b8d3f57cb901e6b
Reviewed-by: Bryan C. Mills <>
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# Treat all files in the Go repo as binary, with no git magic updating
# line endings. This produces predictable results in different environments.
# Windows users contributing to Go will need to use a modern version
# of git and editors capable of LF line endings.
# Windows .bat files are known to have multiple bugs when run with LF
# endings, and so they are checked in with CRLF endings, with a test
# in test/winbatch.go to catch problems. (See
# We'll prevent accidental CRLF line endings from entering the repo
# via the git-codereview gofmt checks and tests.
# See
* -text