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doc/1.9: add CL 36696 for crypto/x509 to the release notes

"crypto/x509: ignore CN if SAN extension present"
to the release notes.

Fixes #21289

Change-Id: Ifa184d3816806a8da3c67b68476c923329acf13e
Reviewed-by: Ian Lance Taylor <>
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dmitris authored and ianlancetaylor committed Aug 3, 2017
1 parent cc402c2 commit ac0ccf3cd2464c6df3193ad8aec8d6053000cdb5
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@@ -473,6 +473,15 @@ <h3 id="minor_library_changes">Minor changes to the library</h3>
<p><!-- CL 36696 -->
If any SAN extension, including with no DSN names, is present
in the certificate, then the Common Name from
<a href="#pkg/crypto/x509/#Certificate.Subject"><code>Subject</code>code></a> is ignored.
In previous releases, the code tested only whether DNS-name SANs were
present in a certificate.
</dl><!-- crypto/x509 -->
<dl id="database/sql"><dt><a href="/pkg/database/sql/">database/sql</a></dt>

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