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CONTRIBUTORS: first round of updates for Go 1.13

This update has been automatically generated using the updatecontrib

	cd gotip
	go run

With minor manual changes to canonicalize letter case for a few names.

Actions taken (relative to CONTRIBUTORS at origin/master):

	Added Ahsun Ahmed <>
	Added Al Cutter <>
	Added Alex Tokarev <>
	Added Alexander Lourier <>
	Added Alexander Rakoczy <>
	Added Andrei Matei <>
	Added Andrei Vagin <>
	Added Andrew Z Allen <>
	Added Aofei Sheng <>
	Added Arash Bina <>
	Added Benjamin Peterson <>
	Added Bjørn Erik Pedersen <>
	Added Brandon Ryan <>
	Added Bryan Heden <>
	Added Carlos Eduardo <>
	Added Carrie Bynon <>
	Added Chris Marchesi <>
	Added Colin Arnott <>
	Added Daniel Cormier <>
	Added Daniel Langner <>
	Added Daniel Lublin <>
	Added Darren Grant <>
	Added Derek Phan <>
	Added Dmitri Goutnik <>
	Added Dmitry Mottl <>
	Added Eli Bendersky <>
	Added Evan Digby <>
	Added Fedor Korotkiy <>
	Added Felix Bünemann <>
	Added Francesco Renzi <>
	Added Gabriel Guzman <>
	Added Gabriel Nelle <>
	Added Gernot Vormayr <>
	Added GitHub User ZZMarquis (7624583) <>
	Added GitHub User alkesh26 (1019076) <>
	Added GitHub User bakape (7851952) <>
	Added GitHub User frennkie (6499251) <>
	Added GitHub User hengwu0 (41297446) <>
	Added GitHub User kazyshr (30496953) <>
	Added GitHub User linguohua (3434367) <>
	Added GitHub User micnncim (21333876) <>
	Added Gordon Tyler <>
	Added Greg Thelen <>
	Added Haosdent Huang <>
	Added Hasan Ozgan <>
	Added Henry Wong <>
	Added Horst Rutter <>
	Added Ivan Osadchiy <>
	Added JT Olio <>
	Added Jacob Blain Christen <>
	Added Jacob Walker <>
	Added James Nugent <>
	Added Jannis Andrija Schnitzer <>
	Added Jean-François Bustarret <>
	Added Jeremy Jay <>
	Added Jeroen Simonetti <>
	Added Jingnan Si <>
	Added Jinkun Zhang <>
	Added John Moore <>
	Added John Weldon <>
	Added Jonathon Lacher <>
	Added Jordan Liggitt <>
	Added Joshua M. Clulow <>
	Added Juraj Sukop <>
	Added Justin Li <>
	Added Kai Dong <>
	Added Kenichi Tsunokawa <>
	Added Kenta Mori <>
	Added Ketan Parmar <>
	Added Kirill Motkov <>
	Added Kshitij Saraogi <>
	Added Leonardo Comelli <>
	Added Lorenz Nickel <>
	Added Luka Zitnik <>
	Added Luke Champine <>
	Added Madhu Rajanna <>
	Added Marat Khabibullin <>
	Added Mark Villacampa <>
	Added Max Semenik <>
	Added Maxim Eryomenko <>
	Added Michael Cook <>
	Added Michael Vogt <>
	Added Mickael KERJEAN <>
	Added Mickey Reiss <>
	Added Mihai Moldovan <>
	Added Mirko Hansen <>
	Added Muir Manders <>
	Added Mykhailo Lesyk <>
	Added Nick Anthony <>
	Added Nikita Kryuchkov <>
	Added Nir Soffer <>
	Added Norman B. Lancaster <>
	Added Patrick Barker <>
	Added Patrik Lundin <>
	Added Petr Jediný <>
	Added Robert Ayrapetyan <>
	Added Robert van Gent <>
	Added Rohan Verma <>
	Added Romain Baugue <>
	Added Sad Pencil <>
	Added Segev Finer <>
	Added Sergey Dobrodey <>
	Added Sergey Yanykin <>
	Added Shawn Elliott <>
	Added Shengjing Zhu <>
	Added Shubham Sharma <>
	Added Stephan Zuercher <>
	Added Steve Mynott <>
	Added Tai Le <>
	Added Todd Kulesza <>
	Added Tom Anthony <>
	Added Tooru Takahashi <>
	Added Udalov Max <>
	Added Valentin Vidic <>
	Added Vivek Sekhar <>
	Added WEI Xikai <>
	Added Wenlei (Frank) He <>
	Added Wenzel Lowe <>
	Added Yang Tian <>
	Added Yasser Abdolmaleki <>
	Added Zach Jones <>
	Added adarsh ravichandran <>
	Added berkant ipek <>
	Added karthik nayak <>
	Added marius a. eriksen <>
	Added Максадбек Ахмедов <>
	Used GitHub User ZZMarquis (7624583) form for ZZMarquis <> b00ef3b [go]
	Used GitHub User alkesh26 (1019076) form for alkesh26 <> c7f69a2 [go]
	Used GitHub User bakape (7851952) form for bakape <> 27e444d [go]
	Used GitHub User frennkie (6499251) form for frennkie <> ee46250 [go]
	Used GitHub User hengwu0 (41297446) form for hengwu0 <> 95d4e61 [go]
	Used GitHub User kazyshr (30496953) form for kazyshr <> golang/tools@0fdf0c7 [tools]
	Used GitHub User linguohua (3434367) form for linguohua <> golang/tools@97de565 [tools]
	Used GitHub User micnncim (21333876) form for micnncim <> golang/tools@15d5d38 [tools]
	Used GitHub name "Akhil Indurti" for smasher164 <> 5ca44dc [build go]
	Used GitHub name "Carlos Eduardo" for CarlosEDP <> golang/net@018c4d4 [net]
	Used GitHub name "Ivan Markin" for nogoegst <> a1addf1 [go]
	Used GitHub name "Jean-François Bustarret" for jfbus <> 825ff1e [go]
	Used GitHub name "Jinkun Zhang" for smileeye <> 607493b [go]
	Used GitHub name "John Moore" for guitarbum722 <> 44c9354 [go]
	Used GitHub name "Keiji Yoshida" for yosssi <> golang/lint@ac6833c [lint]
	Used GitHub name "Kenta Mori" for zoncoen <> golang/net@fe579d4 [net]
	Used GitHub name "Kirill Motkov" for Motkov.Kirill <> 0ff0df8 [go]
	Used GitHub name "Luke Champine" for lukechampine <> 9d40fad [crypto go]
	Used GitHub name "Michalis Kargakis" for kargakis <> e243d24 [go]
	Used GitHub name "Nick Anthony" for Liberatys <> 62ddf7d [go]
	Used GitHub name "Robert Ayrapetyan" for rayrapetyan <> golang/sys@bf70e46 [sys]
	Used GitHub name "Robin Eklind" for mewmew <> b8620af [blog go proposal.git]
	Used GitHub name "Sergey Dobrodey" for sergeydobrodey <> golang/net@e869164 [net]
	Used GitHub name "Tai Le" for Tai <> golang/build@1b388d2 [build tools]
	Used GitHub name "WEI Xikai" for ShiKaiWi <> 518ee55 [go]
	Used GitHub name "Yang Tian" for taoyuanyuan <> 5eeb372 [go]
	Used GitHub name "Zach Jones" for zdjones <> c178389 [go]

Updates #12042

Change-Id: Ic220d997a0dc3bf4109ab964cbb6a25ea5c0c9da
Reviewed-by: Alexander Rakoczy <>
Reviewed-by: Ian Lance Taylor <>
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dmitshur committed Jul 16, 2019
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