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doc: describe modules in Go 1.11 release notes and Go FAQ
Fixes #25517.

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@@ -53,18 +53,61 @@ <h2 id="ports">Ports</h2>
TODO: PPC64LE race detector support

<h3 id="package-versioning">Package Versioning (vgo)</h3>
<h3 id="wasm">WebAssembly</h3>
Go 1.11 adds an experimental port to WebAssembly (<code>js/wasm</code>).

<h2 id="tools">Tools</h2>

<h3 id="modules">Modules, package versioning, and dependency management</h3>
NOTE: This is not present in go1.11beta1 but will be available in future
betas and subsequent releases.
Go 1.11 adds experimental, integrated support for package versioning.
Go 1.11 adds experimental support for a new concept called “modules,”
an alternative to GOPATH with integrated support for versioning and
package distribution.
Using modules, developers are no longer confined to working inside GOPATH,
version dependency information is explicit yet lightweight,
and builds are more reliable and reproducible.

<h3 id="wasm">WebAssembly</h3>
Go 1.11 adds an experimental port to WebAssembly (<code>js/wasm</code>).
Module support is considered experimental.
Details are likely to change in response to feedback from Go 1.11 users,
and we have more tools planned.
Although the details of module support may change, projects that convert
to modules using Go 1.11 will continue to work with Go 1.12 and later.
If you encounter bugs using modules,
please <a href="">file issues</a>
so we can fix them.

TODO: Link to intro doc.

<h3 id="gopackages">Package loading</h2>

TODO: Note about go/build versus

<h3 id="gocache">Build cache requirement</h2>

Go 1.11 will be the last release to support setting the environment
variable <code>GOCACHE=off</code> to disable the
<a href="/cmd/go/#hdr-Build_and_test_caching">build cache</a>,
introduced in Go 1.10.
Starting in Go 1.12, the build cache will be required,
as a step toward eliminating <code>$GOPATH/pkg</code>.
The module and package loading support described above
already require that the build cache be enabled.
If you have disabled the build cache to avoid problems you encountered,
please <a href="">file an issue</a> to let us know about them.

<h2 id="library">Core library</h2>
@@ -1153,18 +1153,19 @@ <h3 id="get_version">

The Go 1.5 release added a facility to the
<a href="">go</a> command
<a href=""><code>go</code></a> command
that makes it easier to manage external dependencies by "vendoring"
them into a special directory near the package that depends upon them.
See the <a href="">design
document</a> for details.

Work is underway on an experimental package management tool,
<a href=""><code>dep</code></a>, to learn
more about how tooling can help package management. More information can be found in
<a href="">the <code>dep</code> FAQ</a>.
The Go 1.11 release added new, experimental support
for package versioning to the <code>go</code> command,
in the form of Go modules.
For more information, see the <a href="/doc/go1.11#modules">Go 1.11 release notes</a>
and the <a href="/cmd/go#hdr-Modules__module_versions__and_more"><code>go</code> command documentation</a>.

<h2 id="Pointers">Pointers and Allocation</h2>

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