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doc: add qualified mention of dep to FAQ

This adds a qualified mention of golang/dep to the FAQ.

Fixes #19049

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sdboyer authored and bradfitz committed Jun 17, 2017
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@@ -1140,14 +1140,21 @@ <h3 id="get_version">
The Go 1.5 release includes an experimental facility to the
The Go 1.5 release added a facility to the
<a href="">go</a> command
that makes it easier to manage external dependencies by "vendoring"
them into a special directory near the package that depends upon them.
See the <a href="">design
document</a> for details.
Work is underway on an experimental package management tool,
<a href=""><code>dep</code></a>, to learn
more about how tooling can help package management. More information can be found in
<a href="">the <code>dep</code> FAQ</a>.
<h2 id="Pointers">Pointers and Allocation</h2>
<h3 id="pass_by_value">

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