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math/rand: 172 second tests on arm5 #10749

bradfitz opened this issue May 7, 2015 · 15 comments

math/rand: 172 second tests on arm5 #10749

bradfitz opened this issue May 7, 2015 · 15 comments


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@bradfitz bradfitz commented May 7, 2015

I just noticed on Scaleway, go test -short math/rand takes 172 seconds:

ok      math/rand   172.490s

Figure out why.

The rest:

##### Testing packages.
ok      archive/tar 0.045s
ok      archive/zip 4.563s
ok      bufio   0.517s
ok      bytes   0.799s
ok      compress/bzip2  0.337s
ok      compress/flate  3.081s
ok      compress/gzip   0.038s
ok      compress/lzw    0.466s
ok      compress/zlib   6.332s
ok      container/heap  0.018s
ok      container/list  0.016s
ok      container/ring  0.057s
?       crypto  [no test files]
ok      crypto/aes  0.103s
ok      crypto/cipher   0.027s
ok      crypto/des  0.080s
ok      crypto/dsa  0.053s
ok      crypto/ecdsa    0.353s
ok      crypto/elliptic 0.284s
ok      crypto/hmac 0.025s
ok      crypto/md5  0.027s
ok      crypto/rand 0.086s
ok      crypto/rc4  0.650s
ok      crypto/rsa  1.498s
ok      crypto/sha1 0.019s
ok      crypto/sha256   0.022s
ok      crypto/sha512   0.027s
ok      crypto/subtle   0.039s
ok      crypto/tls  11.691s
ok      crypto/x509 10.017s
?       crypto/x509/pkix    [no test files]
ok      database/sql    0.237s
ok      database/sql/driver 0.015s
ok      debug/dwarf 0.054s
ok      debug/elf   0.094s
ok      debug/gosym 0.015s
ok      debug/macho 0.031s
ok      debug/pe    0.081s
ok      debug/plan9obj  0.019s
?       encoding    [no test files]
ok      encoding/ascii85    0.024s
ok      encoding/asn1   0.030s
ok      encoding/base32 0.021s
ok      encoding/base64 0.021s
ok      encoding/binary 0.021s
ok      encoding/csv    0.020s
ok      encoding/gob    0.463s
ok      encoding/hex    0.018s
ok      encoding/json   1.429s
ok      encoding/pem    0.021s
ok      encoding/xml    0.070s
ok      errors  0.017s
ok      expvar  0.026s
ok      flag    0.021s
ok      fmt 0.335s
ok      go/ast  0.030s
ok      go/build    0.889s
ok      go/constants    0.025s
ok      go/doc  0.328s
ok      go/format   0.051s
?       go/importer [no test files]
ok      go/internal/gcimporter  3.826s
ok      go/parser   0.195s
ok      go/printer  2.101s
ok      go/scanner  0.027s
ok      go/token    0.206s
ok      go/types    11.842s
?       hash    [no test files]
ok      hash/adler32    0.041s
ok      hash/crc32  0.016s
ok      hash/crc64  0.015s
ok      hash/fnv    0.015s
ok      html    0.035s
ok      html/template   0.256s
ok      image   1.134s
ok      image/color 0.598s
?       image/color/palette [no test files]
ok      image/draw  0.629s
ok      image/gif   0.417s
?       image/internal/imageutil    [no test files]
ok      image/jpeg  17.743s
ok      image/png   0.278s
ok      index/suffixarray   0.052s
?       internal/format [no test files]
?       internal/mime   [no test files]
ok      internal/singleflight   0.116s
?       internal/syscall/unix   [no test files]
?       internal/trace  [no test files]
ok      io  0.038s
ok      io/ioutil   0.024s
ok      log 0.038s
ok      log/syslog  2.099s
ok      math    0.592s
ok      math/big    11.767s
ok      math/cmplx  0.074s
ok      math/rand   172.490s
ok      mime    0.061s
ok      mime/multipart  0.490s
ok      mime/quotedprintable    1.067s
ok      net 2.845s
ok      net/http    11.935s
ok      net/http/cgi    1.138s
ok      net/http/cookiejar  0.045s
ok      net/http/fcgi   0.035s
ok      net/http/httptest   0.027s
ok      net/http/httputil   0.062s
ok      net/http/internal   0.033s
?       net/http/pprof  [no test files]
ok      net/internal/socktest   0.016s
ok      net/mail    0.022s
ok      net/rpc 0.093s
ok      net/rpc/jsonrpc 0.054s
ok      net/smtp    0.204s
ok      net/textproto   0.052s
ok      net/url 0.034s
ok      os  0.447s
ok      os/exec 0.697s
ok      os/signal   3.451s
ok      os/user 0.019s
ok      path    0.017s
ok      path/filepath   0.125s
ok      reflect 0.591s
ok      regexp  1.017s
ok      regexp/syntax   2.506s
ok      runtime 150.688s
?       runtime/cgo [no test files]
ok      runtime/debug   0.044s
ok      runtime/pprof   9.510s
?       runtime/race    [no test files]
ok      sort    0.401s
ok      strconv 2.668s
ok      strings 0.880s
ok      sync    0.535s
ok      sync/atomic 4.420s
ok      syscall 0.080s
ok      testing 1.455s
?       testing/iotest  [no test files]
ok      testing/quick   0.275s
ok      text/scanner    0.026s
ok      text/tabwriter  0.036s
ok      text/template   0.181s
ok      text/template/parse 0.053s
ok      time    4.096s
ok      unicode 0.039s
ok      unicode/utf16   0.015s
ok      unicode/utf8    0.029s
?       unsafe  [no test files]
?       cmd/5g  [no test files]
?       cmd/5l  [no test files]
?       cmd/6g  [no test files]
?       cmd/6l  [no test files]
?       cmd/7g  [no test files]
?       cmd/7l  [no test files]
?       cmd/8g  [no test files]
?       cmd/8l  [no test files]
?       cmd/9g  [no test files]
?       cmd/9l  [no test files]
ok      cmd/addr2line   9.595s
ok      cmd/api 0.052s
?       cmd/asm [no test files]
?       cmd/asm/internal/arch   [no test files]
ok      cmd/asm/internal/asm    0.147s
?       cmd/asm/internal/flags  [no test files]
ok      cmd/asm/internal/lex    0.017s
?       cmd/cgo [no test files]
ok      cmd/cover   18.654s
?       cmd/dist    [no test files]
?       cmd/doc [no test files]
ok      cmd/fix 0.084s
ok      cmd/go  0.083s
ok      cmd/gofmt   0.265s
?       cmd/internal/asm    [no test files]
?       cmd/internal/gc [no test files]
ok      cmd/internal/gc/big 10.154s
ok      cmd/internal/goobj  0.015s
?       cmd/internal/ld [no test files]
ok      cmd/internal/obj    0.021s
?       cmd/internal/obj/arm    [no test files]
?       cmd/internal/obj/arm64  [no test files]
?       cmd/internal/obj/ppc64  [no test files]
ok      cmd/internal/obj/x86    0.203s
?       cmd/internal/objfile    [no test files]
ok      cmd/internal/  0.046s
ok      cmd/internal/  1.327s
ok      cmd/link    0.112s
ok      cmd/nm  9.056s
ok      cmd/objdump 28.396s
?       cmd/old5a   [no test files]
?       cmd/old6a   [no test files]
?       cmd/old8a   [no test files]
?       cmd/old9a   [no test files]
ok      cmd/pack    19.998s
?       cmd/pprof   [no test files]
?       cmd/pprof/internal/commands [no test files]
?       cmd/pprof/internal/driver   [no test files]
?       cmd/pprof/internal/fetch    [no test files]
?       cmd/pprof/internal/plugin   [no test files]
ok      cmd/pprof/internal/profile  0.032s
?       cmd/pprof/internal/report   [no test files]
?       cmd/pprof/internal/svg  [no test files]
?       cmd/pprof/internal/symbolizer   [no test files]
?       cmd/pprof/internal/symbolz  [no test files]
?       cmd/pprof/internal/tempfile [no test files]
?       cmd/trace   [no test files]
?       cmd/yacc    [no test files]

##### GOMAXPROCS=2 runtime -cpu=1,2,4
ok      runtime 393.990s

##### sync -cpu=10
ok      sync    0.548s

/cc @davecheney

@bradfitz bradfitz added this to the Go1.5Maybe milestone May 7, 2015
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@bradfitz bradfitz commented May 7, 2015

Related #10571

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@josharian josharian commented May 7, 2015

Related to #9732?

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Contributor Author

@bradfitz bradfitz commented May 7, 2015

Indeed, this is an linux-arm-arm5 build underway.

@bradfitz bradfitz changed the title math/rand: 172 second tests on ARM math/rand: 172 second tests on arm5 May 7, 2015
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@minux minux commented May 7, 2015

@minux minux modified the milestones: Go1.6, Go1.5Maybe May 12, 2015
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@minux minux commented May 12, 2015

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@bradfitz bradfitz commented May 12, 2015

For now can we skip or shorten this test in testing.Short() mode when GOARM=="5" ?

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@davecheney davecheney commented May 13, 2015

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@minux minux commented May 13, 2015

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@davecheney davecheney commented May 13, 2015

Hmm, what do you think of skipping that test for arm5 only?

On Wed, 13 May 2015 16:47 Minux Ma wrote:

$ /usr/bin/time ./rand.test -test.v -test.short
=== RUN TestStandardNormalValues
--- PASS: TestStandardNormalValues (0.78s)
=== RUN TestNonStandardNormalValues
--- PASS: TestNonStandardNormalValues (2.68s)
=== RUN TestStandardExponentialValues
--- PASS: TestStandardExponentialValues (0.74s)
=== RUN TestNonStandardExponentialValues
--- PASS: TestNonStandardExponentialValues (1.42s)
=== RUN TestNormTables
--- PASS: TestNormTables (0.02s)
=== RUN TestExpTables
--- PASS: TestExpTables (0.05s)
=== RUN TestFloat32
--- PASS: TestFloat32 (152.13s)
=== RUN TestRegress
--- PASS: TestRegress (0.01s)
=== RUN Example
--- PASS: Example (0.00s)
=== RUN Example_rand
--- PASS: Example_rand (0.00s)
157.82user 0.34system 2:37.85elapsed 100%CPU (0avgtext+0avgdata
0inputs+0outputs (0major+1223minor)pagefaults 0swaps

As you can see, most of the time is spent in TestFloat32, which uses a lot
of floating point

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#10749 (comment).

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@robpike robpike commented May 13, 2015

I wonder if it would be a good or bad idea to use the new math/big.Float stuff in the emulation.

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Contributor Author

@bradfitz bradfitz commented May 13, 2015

/cc @griesemer per previous comment

@bradfitz bradfitz closed this in f8fbcef May 13, 2015
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@griesemer griesemer commented May 13, 2015

@robpike I don't know the details of the emulation, but I suspect using math/big.Float would not be good. For one, it also needs (machine) floating-point operations.

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@minux minux commented May 14, 2015

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@griesemer griesemer commented May 14, 2015

@minux There's no obvious low-hanging fruit I can see. It's hard to make this fast w/o making it incomprehensible.

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@minux minux commented May 15, 2015

@golang golang locked and limited conversation to collaborators Jun 25, 2016
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