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cmd/compile: redundant loop generated for comparing/hashing arrays of size 1. #14723

brtzsnr opened this issue Mar 8, 2016 · 3 comments


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@brtzsnr brtzsnr commented Mar 8, 2016

Please answer these questions before submitting your issue. Thanks!

  1. What version of Go are you using (go version)?
    go version devel +f81cfc6 Tue Mar 8 23:54:09 2016 +0100 linux/amd64
    (local compile)
  2. What operating system and processor architecture are you using (go env)?
  3. What did you do?
    go tool objdump vet| less
  4. What did you expect to see?
    No loop. There are many instances of this in the standard library.
  5. What did you see instead?
    There is clearly a 1 trip loop in the following assembly code;
TEXT type..hash.[1]go/types.operand(SB) /.../go/src/go/types/api.go
        api.go:1        0x524af0        64488b0c25f8ffffff      FS MOVQ FS:0xfffffff8, CX
        api.go:1        0x524af9        483b6110                CMPQ 0x10(CX), SP
        api.go:1        0x524afd        7658                    JBE 0x524b57
        api.go:1        0x524aff        4883ec20                SUBQ $0x20, SP
        api.go:1        0x524b03        31c0                    XORL AX, AX
        api.go:1        0x524b05        488b4c2430              MOVQ 0x30(SP), CX
        api.go:1        0x524b0a        4889442418              MOVQ AX, 0x18(SP)
        api.go:1        0x524b0f        4883f801                CMPQ $0x1, AX   
        api.go:1        0x524b13        7d38                    JGE 0x524b4d
        api.go:1        0x524b15        488b542428              MOVQ 0x28(SP), DX   //  LOOP START
        api.go:1        0x524b1a        8402                    TESTL AL, 0(DX)
        api.go:1        0x524b1c        4889c3                  MOVQ AX, BX
        api.go:1        0x524b1f        48c1e306                SHLQ $0x6, BX
        api.go:1        0x524b23        4801d3                  ADDQ DX, BX
        api.go:1        0x524b26        48891c24                MOVQ BX, 0(SP)
        api.go:1        0x524b2a        48894c2408              MOVQ CX, 0x8(SP)
        api.go:1        0x524b2f        e8ccf1ffff              CALL type..hash.go/types.operand(SB)
        api.go:1        0x524b34        488b4c2410              MOVQ 0x10(SP), CX
        api.go:1        0x524b39        488b542418              MOVQ 0x18(SP), DX
        api.go:1        0x524b3e        488d4201                LEAQ 0x1(DX), AX
        api.go:1        0x524b42        4889442418              MOVQ AX, 0x18(SP)
        api.go:1        0x524b47        4883f801                CMPQ $0x1, AX
        api.go:1        0x524b4b        7cc8                    JL 0x524b15          // LOOP END
        api.go:1        0x524b4d        48894c2438              MOVQ CX, 0x38(SP)
        api.go:1        0x524b52        4883c420                ADDQ $0x20, SP
        api.go:1        0x524b56        c3                      RET
        api.go:1        0x524b57        e8b4d5f4ff              CALL runtime.morestack_noctxt(SB)
        api.go:1        0x524b5c        eb92                    JMP type..hash.[1]go/types.operand(SB)
        api.go:1        0x524b5e        cc                      INT $0x3
        api.go:1        0x524b5f        cc                      INT $0x3
@brtzsnr brtzsnr changed the title cmd/compile: redundant loop generated of comparing/hashing arrays of size 1. cmd/compile: redundant loop generated for comparing/hashing arrays of size 1. Mar 8, 2016
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@josharian josharian commented Mar 9, 2016

I'll fix this one. I thought I already had. :(

@josharian josharian self-assigned this Mar 9, 2016
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@josharian josharian commented Mar 9, 2016

Heads up--this fix will take a little while, as I'm going to do it somewhat indirectly.

@bradfitz bradfitz added this to the Go1.7 milestone Mar 9, 2016
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@josharian josharian commented May 3, 2016

This code is basically never executed. The right thing to do is not to generate these algs. Moving to unplanned.

@josharian josharian modified the milestones: Unplanned, Go1.7 May 3, 2016
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