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x/build: dashboard with “show only first-class ports” checked displays more than just first-class ports #27689

bcmills opened this issue Sep 14, 2018 · 7 comments
Builders NeedsFix


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@bcmills bcmills commented Sep 14, 2018

When I check “show only first-class ports” on, the list of matching builders is still quite long:

screenshot 2018-09-14 at 14 51 23

I had assumed that it would be restricted to the list of ports on, but in fact that list is much, much shorter:

screenshot 2018-09-14 at 14 51 46

To avoid confusion, they should be made consistent: if the ports in the builder really are first-class, they should be listed on (or linked from) the wiki page, and if they aren't, they should be filtered out of the dashboard view.

(Discovered via #27686 (comment).)

@gopherbot gopherbot added this to the Unreleased milestone Sep 14, 2018
@gopherbot gopherbot added the Builders label Sep 14, 2018
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@bcmills bcmills commented Sep 14, 2018

(CC @dmitshur @bradfitz)

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@dmitshur dmitshur commented Sep 15, 2018

I can fix the discrepancy, but I'll need the decision of which are to be considered first-class vs not.

Here's the current first-class port list from in text form:


  • darwin-386-10_11


  • darwin-amd64-10_10
  • darwin-amd64-10_11
  • darwin-amd64-10_12


  • darwin-arm-mg912baios


  • darwin-arm64-mn4m2zdaios


  • freebsd-386-10_3
  • freebsd-386-11_1


  • freebsd-amd64-10_3
  • freebsd-amd64-11_1


  • freebsd-arm-paulzhol


  • linux-386
  • linux-386-387
  • linux-386-clang
  • linux-386-sid


  • linux-amd64
  • linux-amd64-clang
  • linux-amd64-longtest
  • linux-amd64-nocgo
  • linux-amd64-noopt
  • linux-amd64-racecompile
  • linux-amd64-sid
  • linux-amd64-ssacheck
  • linux-amd64-stretch


  • linux-arm
  • linux-arm-arm5spacemonkey
  • linux-arm-nativemake


  • linux-arm64-packet


  • linux-mips


  • linux-mipsle


  • linux-ppc64-buildlet


  • linux-ppc64le-buildlet


  • linux-s390x-ibm


  • windows-386-2008


  • windows-amd64-2008
  • windows-amd64-2012
  • windows-amd64-2016


  • windows-arm


  • darwin-amd64-race
  • freebsd-amd64-race
  • linux-amd64-race
  • windows-amd64-race
  • android-386-emulator
  • android-amd64-emulator
  • android-arm-wiko-fever
  • android-arm64-wiko-fever

@dmitshur dmitshur added the NeedsDecision label Sep 15, 2018
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@gopherbot gopherbot commented Nov 14, 2018

Change mentions this issue: dashboard: add FirstClass field to BuildConfig

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@gopherbot gopherbot commented Oct 26, 2019

Change mentions this issue: doc: update ports list description to reflect current status

gopherbot pushed a commit that referenced this issue Nov 2, 2019
This change updates the GOARCH/GOOS discussion at the top of the
"Installing Go from source" document to better reflect the current
status. In particular:

- The GOARCH list now focuses on simply listing the supported
architectures, with no notes about their supposed "maturity", since
the same GOARCH can be mature on a GOOS and not so mature on another.

- Outdated notes about some archs being new and "not well-exercised"
have been removed in favour of a following list of which ports are
first class.

- The list of supported OS has been updated (added: AIX, Illumos),
and sorted in alphabetical order.

- A note about the runtime support being the same for all ARCHS,
"including garbage collection and efficient array slicing and" etc etc
has been removed, since it doesn't seem particularly relevant in a
"install from source" instruction page, and it's likely a leftover
from the time this doc page was the landing place for new people and
it felt the need to "sell" Go.

Updates #27689
Fixes #35009

Change-Id: Ic4eca91dca3135adc7bed4fe00b4f157768f0e81
Reviewed-by: Brad Fitzpatrick <>
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@dmitshur dmitshur commented May 7, 2020

/cc @toothrot In #38874 (comment), you said:

Somewhat related, as part of work to move the build dashboard into the coordinator (#34744), and have the "first-class ports" checkbox do the right thing on the UI, I hard-coded this field:

Based on that analysis, I understand that the "show only first-class ports" displaying more ports than are listed at is simply a UI bug. If that's right, I understand we should be able to move this issue into NeedsFix state with the goal of fixing the UI bug on Do you agree? Or do you think there is more that needs to be decided here?

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@toothrot toothrot commented May 7, 2020

@dmitshur That is being fixed as part of #34744 (and is in-fact already fixed in the new UI, that is not yet feature complete)

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@dmitshur dmitshur commented May 7, 2020

Great! I'll update this issue to reflect the latest state.

CC @findleyr FYI.

@dmitshur dmitshur changed the title x/build: dashboard “first-class ports” view doesn't match wiki x/build: dashboard with “show only first-class ports” checked displays more than just first-class ports May 7, 2020
@dmitshur dmitshur added NeedsFix and removed NeedsDecision labels May 7, 2020
@dmitshur dmitshur self-assigned this Feb 12, 2021
@dmitshur dmitshur added this to Planned in Go Release Team Feb 12, 2021
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