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adg commented Mar 6, 2012

Please describe your experiences with the darwin-amd64 binary distribution, both
positive and negative, here. Thanks.

pjweinb commented Mar 6, 2012

Comment 1:

The instructions say "The Go binary distributions assume they will be installed in
/usr/local/go, but it is possible to install them in a different location."  But the
installer only lets you choose a disk, so it doesn't seem possible to install in a
different location.  (or so it was for me)

Comment 2 by j.christoff25:

I had to make this change in my .profile
export GOROOT=/usr/local/go
export GOROOT=$HOME/go

Comment 3 by thomas.intlayer:

The .pkg did not add the /usr/local/go/bin directory to my PATH. I did restart the
terminal session and even tried a reboot.
Prior to running the .pkg, I removed all traces of the old Go installation.
I ran go.weekly.2012-03-13.darwin-amd64.pkg on OSX 10.6.8
In /var/log/installer.log I found the following:
Mar 14 14:14:09 macbook installd[64729]: PackageKit: Executing script "./postinstall" in
Mar 14 14:14:09 macbook installd[64729]: ./postinstall: Fixing permissions
Mar 14 14:14:17 macbook installd[64729]: ./postinstall: Fixing debuggers via sudo.bash
Mar 14 14:14:17 macbook installd[64729]: ./postinstall: ./sudo.bash: line 20: go:
command not found
Mar 14 14:14:18 macbook installd[64729]: ./postinstall: cp: /prof: No such file or
The directory /usr/local/go exists though and I can run the binary in there just fine
aswell as compile .go files with it.

Comment 4 by

I was walking through the tutorial, and I was tripped up on:
mbar:src shephard$ sudo go get
  # cd .; hg clone -U
  package exec: "hg":  executable file not found in $PATH
I realize it's telling me I need to have mercurial installed.  It would probably be
useful to provide a list of pre-requisistes required to use go somewhere during the
installation documentation, or at least a reference to the mercurial requirement on this
Though - a link to all the things required to get go up and running would be nice as

adg commented Mar 20, 2012

Comment 5:

I added a note to the page for the tour. We do need a
better diagnostic of that issue in the Go command, though.

Comment 6 by jhoushyar:

On MacBookPro4,1 | Intel Core 2 Duo | OS X 10.6.3 neither source nor binary (amd65 pkg)
are working.  Issue appears to be networking.   Started with update on existing
weekly-2012-01-27; then zapped to fresh src install; and finally the .pkg binary. 
Source build tests clearly indicated net test fails.
Is this a known problem? (noted nothing on
Last working update on this machine/platform (for me) was weekly-2012-01-27.

Comment 7 by jhoushyar:

I ran $GOROOT/src/all.bash after yet another clean install via binary pkg installer.
Here is the test - note the net FAILs:
-- begin --
# Testing packages.
ok      cmd/api 0.100s
?       cmd/cgo [no test files]
ok      cmd/fix 1.766s
ok      cmd/go  0.105s
?       cmd/godoc   [no test files]
ok      cmd/gofmt   0.126s
?       cmd/vet [no test files]
?       cmd/yacc    [no test files]
ok      archive/tar 0.062s
ok      archive/zip 0.133s
ok      bufio   0.102s
ok      bytes   0.058s
ok      compress/bzip2  0.097s
ok      compress/flate  0.208s
ok      compress/gzip   0.039s
ok      compress/lzw    0.066s
ok      compress/zlib   0.148s
ok      container/heap  0.016s
ok      container/list  0.026s
ok      container/ring  0.041s
?       crypto  [no test files]
ok      crypto/aes  0.056s
ok      crypto/cipher   0.035s
ok      crypto/des  0.073s
ok      crypto/dsa  0.032s
ok      crypto/ecdsa    0.070s
ok      crypto/elliptic 0.040s
ok      crypto/hmac 0.067s
ok      crypto/md5  0.069s
ok      crypto/rand 0.051s
ok      crypto/rc4  0.026s
ok      crypto/rsa  0.154s
ok      crypto/sha1 0.028s
ok      crypto/sha256   0.028s
ok      crypto/sha512   0.028s
ok      crypto/subtle   0.032s
ok      crypto/tls  0.195s
ok      crypto/x509 0.632s
?       crypto/x509/pkix    [no test files]
ok      database/sql    0.040s
ok      database/sql/driver 0.030s
ok      debug/dwarf 0.171s
ok      debug/elf   0.103s
ok      debug/gosym 0.085s
ok      debug/macho 0.077s
ok      debug/pe    0.082s
ok      encoding/ascii85    0.012s
ok      encoding/asn1   0.038s
ok      encoding/base32 0.030s
ok      encoding/base64 0.028s
ok      encoding/binary 0.029s
ok      encoding/csv    0.028s
ok      encoding/gob    0.095s
ok      encoding/hex    0.026s
ok      encoding/json   0.082s
ok      encoding/pem    0.036s
ok      encoding/xml    0.077s
ok      errors  0.029s
ok      exp/ebnf    0.028s
ok      exp/ebnflint    0.085s
ok      exp/gotype  0.303s
ok      exp/html    0.099s
ok      exp/norm    1.539s
ok      exp/proxy   0.038s
ok      exp/terminal    0.027s
ok      exp/types   0.322s
ok      exp/utf8string  0.026s
ok      expvar  0.057s
ok      flag    0.029s
ok      fmt 0.069s
ok      go/ast  0.052s
ok      go/build    0.225s
ok      go/doc  0.176s
ok      go/parser   0.138s
ok      go/printer  0.518s
ok      go/scanner  0.031s
ok      go/token    0.080s
?       hash    [no test files]
ok      hash/adler32    0.035s
ok      hash/crc32  0.061s
ok      hash/crc64  0.059s
ok      hash/fnv    0.054s
ok      html    0.067s
ok      html/template   0.103s
ok      image   0.211s
ok      image/color 0.032s
ok      image/draw  0.073s
?       image/gif   [no test files]
ok      image/jpeg  0.182s
ok      image/png   0.199s
ok      index/suffixarray   0.068s
ok      io  0.045s
ok      io/ioutil   0.081s
ok      log 0.027s
ok      log/syslog  0.235s
ok      math    0.034s
ok      math/big    0.161s
ok      math/cmplx  0.028s
ok      math/rand   0.147s
ok      mime    0.076s
ok      mime/multipart  0.301s
--- FAIL: TestICMP (0.10 seconds)
    ipraw_test.go:72: ReadFrom failed: read ip4 i/o timeout
    ipraw_test.go:111: Read failed: read ip4 i/o timeout
--- FAIL: TestMulticastListener (0.00 seconds)
    multicast_test.go:69: First ListenMulticastUDP failed: joinipv6group udp ff0e::114: setsockopt: can't assign requested address
FAIL    net 1.415s
ok      net/http    2.717s
ok      net/http/cgi    1.168s
ok      net/http/fcgi   0.069s
ok      net/http/httptest   0.072s
ok      net/http/httputil   0.076s
?       net/http/pprof  [no test files]
ok      net/mail    0.042s
ok      net/rpc 0.114s
ok      net/rpc/jsonrpc 0.089s
ok      net/smtp    0.058s
ok      net/textproto   0.046s
ok      net/url 0.154s
ok      old/netchan 0.052s
ok      old/regexp  0.041s
ok      old/template    0.060s
ok      os  0.178s
ok      os/exec 0.349s
ok      os/signal   0.027s
ok      os/user 0.042s
ok      path    0.027s
ok      path/filepath   0.035s
ok      reflect 0.033s
ok      regexp  0.158s
ok      regexp/syntax   1.449s
ok      runtime 0.429s
?       runtime/cgo [no test files]
ok      runtime/debug   0.026s
ok      runtime/pprof   0.627s
ok      sort    0.095s
ok      strconv 0.527s
ok      strings 0.040s
ok      sync    0.124s
ok      sync/atomic 0.170s
?       syscall [no test files]
?       testing [no test files]
?       testing/iotest  [no test files]
ok      testing/quick   0.052s
ok      text/scanner    0.075s
ok      text/tabwriter  0.082s
ok      text/template   0.154s
ok      text/template/parse 0.045s
ok      time    2.664s
ok      unicode 0.027s
ok      unicode/utf16   0.027s
ok      unicode/utf8    0.028s
?       unsafe  [no test files]
-- end --

mikioh commented Mar 22, 2012

Comment 8:

Hi  jhoushyar,
Thank you for the feedback.
--- FAIL: TestMulticastListener (0.00 seconds)
    multicast_test.go:69: First ListenMulticastUDP failed: joinipv6group udp ff0e::114: setsockopt: can't  assign requested address
Seems like almost same as issue #3352.
--- FAIL: TestICMP (0.10 seconds)
    ipraw_test.go:72: ReadFrom failed: read ip4 i/o timeout
    ipraw_test.go:111: Read failed: read ip4 i/o timeout
Hmm, interesting.
I just ran all.bash on plain, I mean no VPN enabled, OS X 10.6.8 
w/ root priv. and had not any problems. Perhaps those issues 
depend on the environment, configuration of your node under 
test; e.g., VPN enabled, firewall, blah blah. I think you can ignore 
those errors for now.

Comment 9 by

It was not clear to me how I would be able to reverse the installation side-effects on
my system (aka, uninstall the package) or if it's even possible, so I did not attempt to
use the package. I wanted to though.

Comment 10 by jhoushyar:

@mikioh: fyi, this was "plain" OS X 10.6.3 (note: 3 not 8), and no VPN just your basic
wifi access and then ISP.  ipv6 turned off in system preferences.
Issue isn't just the tests.  I have working network code (a Redis driver) that is
working fine with weekly.2012-01-27 that now simply hangs on net reads (and writes are
apparently not sent to end point either) with RC 1.  Besides the minor sig change
required by bufio.Writer nothing else is changed.   
I back tested to weekly 02-22 and problem was also present -- haven't bothered to look
back to an earlier post 01.27 release.

mikioh commented Mar 25, 2012

Comment 11:

Sorry I don't have 10.6.3, earlier Snow Leopard.
Anyway could you please file an issue as a separate issue?
It would be great help if you can provide simple test code for repro.

adg commented Mar 27, 2012

Comment 12:

Labels changed: added priority-later.

Comment 13 by jhoushyar:

Update apparently teased out a bug in my code and have confirmed it is not release RC 1
(on 10.6.3 ) related.

mikioh commented Mar 28, 2012

Comment 14:

+ jhoushyar Thank you for the confirmation. May the Go be with you.

adg commented Apr 19, 2012

Comment 15:

Closing these issues now that Go 1 is out. Please create a new issue for any problem
with the binary distributions.

Status changed to Done.

@adg adg added done labels Apr 19, 2012

@adg adg self-assigned this Apr 19, 2012

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