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feedback for binary distro darwin-386 #3210

adg opened this Issue · 5 comments

3 participants

Andrew Gerrand Carlos Castillo Russ Cox
Andrew Gerrand
adg commented
Please describe your experiences with the darwin-386 binary distribution, both positive
and negative, here. Thanks.
Carlos Castillo

Comment 1:

cmd/dist: is a amd64 executable so go tool dist fails with "bad CPU type in executable"
on a i386 machine.
Russ Cox
rsc commented

Comment 2:

Oops: build scripts probably need to set GOHOSTARCH.
Carlos Castillo

Comment 3:

cmd/dist: has been fixed in weekly.2012-03-13 to work on i386 machine.
Andrew Gerrand

Comment 4:

Labels changed: added priority-later.

Andrew Gerrand

Comment 5:

Closing these issues now that Go 1 is out. Please create a new issue for any problem
with the binary distributions.

Status changed to Done.

Andrew Gerrand adg self-assigned this
This issue was closed.
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