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feedback for binary distro windows-386 #3214

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adg commented
Please describe your experiences with the windows-386 binary distribution, both positive
and negative, here. Thanks.

Comment 1:

Flawless transition from the zip file distribution to the MSI installer.  Tested package
builds and dependent clients, with no issues. Existing environment variable settings
were used with no intervention required.

Comment 2:

Tested on my XP SP3.

After launching godoc from desktop, two places are not working on homepage.
True for 64 bit msi also.

1. Search box doesn't work.
   Message: Search index disabled: no results available
2. "Run" and "Share" buttons not working  with messages in cmd.exe shell

012/03/05 17:04:20 GetFileAttributesEx c:\go\compile: The system cannot find th
 file specified.
012/03/05 17:04:26 GetFileAttributesEx c:\go\share: The system cannot find the
ile specified.
012/03/06 16:35:48 GetFileAttributesEx c:\go\share: The system cannot find the
ile specified.
012/03/06 16:35:57 GetFileAttributesEx c:\go\share: The system cannot find the
ile specified.
012/03/06 16:35:59 GetFileAttributesEx c:\go\compile: The system cannot find th
 file specified.

Comment 3:

I understand that this is purely a personal preference, but I do rather dislike it when 
 installers presume to put icons on my desktop.

Comment 4:

Windows XP SP 2:

Clicking on the GoDocServer icon i get a an error dialog: "Windows cannot find 'and'
(see attached file) I think this is because GOROOT is "c:\Documents and
Settings\<User>\Desktop\go"  (note the spaces in the filename)


  1. godocerror.png (7613 bytes)
Go member

Comment 5:

There's a todo to add an option to allow opting out of the desktop shortcut icon, sorry
it's not already in the installer. 

I'm looking into the godoc problems now. Thanks for testing and posting!


Status changed to Started.


Comment 6 by daz.fuller:

Just installed only a couple of minor issues so far:

1) Tried installing using the MSI from a previous version, getting a message that a
previous version is installed and should be removed first.  Would be nice if the
installer handled this for you.

2) The "go build" command is working slightly differently, previously if you entered:
"go build myfile.go"
You would get an executable of "myfile.exe", now running the same command will give you
a file of "myfile" without an extension which Windows then refuses to run.  I think that
the old behaviour was nicer for new users as it means that they don't have to enter a
"-o" flag each time when trying out sample programs.

Comment 7:

I installed on Windows 7 in VirtualBox. I had no problems, but have one suggestion.

At the end of the installation I think you should be prompted for a directory where you
want your own Go programs to go with a default of say %HOMEPATH%\go. Then the installer
should create this directory, plus %HOMEPATH%\go\src and set the GOPATH environment
variable. Then the user can simply create their apps and pkgs in %HOMEPATH%\go\src and
everything will "just work".

Comment 8:

Install on d:\go. When I click godoc icon, it still try to open

Comment 9:

* instead of setting golbal environment, maybe it is better provide env.bat
* icon for goplay (local version)
* icon for UTF-8 (with correct font) console

Comment 10 by starstarstarpku:

I installed on Win7. I encountered the following error
The installer has insufficient privileges to access this directory: D:\Go\test. The
installation cannot continue. Log on as administrator or contact your system

Comment 11 by alvalea:

It works great on windows 7!!

Thanks Go Team :)

Comment 12 by phrozen10:

I installed 2 times, the first one didn't erase my previos installed libraries so I
removed manually most of the directories.

Second install went fine. I don't see anything even remotely related to godoc server
icon or else on my desktop.

Go run, go get, go install, go build all run well under Windows 7 and power shell. the
default executable on windows does not have the .exe extension, you have to "go build -o
main.exe main.go" which is kinda slugish.

I could build and install without setting GOPATH or GOROOT, everything else is fine.

Comment 13 by SongV.Liu:

On windows 7, Windows PE format file will not be generated with the command "go build"

Comment 14:

I tried to install the latest weekly after previously having installed another one.

I got this dialog:

[Window Title]
Windows Installer

[Main Instruction]
Another version of this product is already installed.  Installation of this version
cannot continue.  To configure or remove the existing version of this product, use
Add/Remove Programs on the Control Panel.


The typical action on Windows is to offer to uninstall the package and then install the
new one. Hunting around in Programs to find the old installation is a bit of a pain.
Go member

Comment 15:

This is one of several changes/updates that will be included in the next weekly.


Comment 16:

Windows XP 2012-03-13 weekly zip, install with no issues
Go member

Comment 17:

The problem mentioned in the amd64 issue here: is also valid for 386.

Comment 18:

weekly 2012-03-22 msi

I have a C: drive for Windows and programs and a E: drive for data. D: is a CD-ROM. For
some reason the installer's path defaulted to E:\Go instead of C:\Go.
Go member

Comment 19:

We need to put this line <SetDirectory Id="INSTALLDIRROOT" Value="C:\"
/> back in installer.wxs


Comment 20:

weekly-2012-03-22 (zip file)
rename old version, unzip to desktop, run local tests (install svgo, compile clients),
runs fine

Comment 21:

Status changed to WaitingForReply.


Comment 22:

Labels changed: added priority-later.


Comment 23:

Closing these issues now that Go 1 is out. Please create a new issue for any problem
with the binary distributions.

Status changed to Done.

@adg adg self-assigned this
This issue was closed.
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