database/sql: Strange Errors when Closing a Tx's Prepared Statement after Commit #4459

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by johnkgallagher:

What steps will reproduce the problem?

This test function demonstrates the problem (note that this won't actually run on because of the dependency on go-sqlite3):

The code is wrong, but the errors it produces are very confusing and don't at all point
to the actual problem. On line 19, a transaction's prepared statement's Close() is
deferred. However, the transaction is committed before returning from the function,
which means the Close() happens after the Commit. Depending on the driver, this can

1. Silent lockup (observed with both go-sqlite3 and
2. Very odd driver messages (pq reported nonsensical errors, like "expected 4
arguments, got 1" on a query that had 1 argument)
3. Memory corruption panic (observed with go-sqlite3 (cgo))

What is the expected output?

Nothing (success)

What do you see instead?

Sometimes success, more often either a lockup or "panic: runtime error: invalid
memory address or nil pointer dereference". Commenting out line 19 and uncommenting
line 29 fixes the problem.

Which compiler are you using (5g, 6g, 8g, gccgo)?


Which operating system are you using?

Mac OS X, Linux

Which version are you using?  (run 'go version')


Please provide any additional information below.

I'm not sure this is necessarily a bug in database/sql, since the documentation does say
that a prepared statement can't be used after a transaction is committed/rolled back.
However, it would be nicer if it coped with this more gracefully, as it seemed
"natural" (although clearly wrong) to defer the Stmt.Close(). Any of the
following would have been preferable (to me, at least) than the debugging I did:

1. Transaction closes its open statements inside Commit/Rollback
2. Stmt.Close() panics if it's called outside the transaction
3. Stmt.Close() does nothing if it's called outside the transaction

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For the sqlite driver, I've found where the issue comes from:
The prepared statements are closed twice:
 - when the Tx is committed, the underlying conn is closed and the sqlite driver tries to close dangling statements,
 - with the deferred Stmt.Close.
Just comment out the following block in the sqlite driver to do a quick and dirty fix:
func (c *SQLiteConn) Close() error {
    /*s := C.sqlite3_next_stmt(c.db, nil)
    for s != nil {
        s = C.sqlite3_next_stmt(c.db, s)
    rv := C.sqlite3_close(c.db)
I will attempt to fix the driver.
gwenn commented Jan 13, 2013

Comment 6:

I've just submitted a patch to mattn that fix the issue on the driver side:
For postgresql, I don't have it installed.
If you ask me, I can install it and investigate...
rsc commented Mar 12, 2013

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This should be fixed in 1.4 by
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I'll look into it.


Yes, this could be closed.

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